50 thoughts on “The Thorne Birds

  1. Drogg

    This has to be one of the worst pieces of s**t I have ever seen and seriously who ever did this needs to learn how to colour correct their s***y video.

    1. Mani

      You can’t colour correct natural skin tone you racist.

      Anyway, this was amazing. Many things to be joyful for…….the anorexic sea captain, the old couple getting a brochure for dignitas…..the soundtrack….

      All gold.

    2. rotide

      When faced with this, your biggest problem is the grade? :)

      There’s a few items a bit higher up the list!

      1. Drogg

        Bad colour grades are a pet hate like it looks like someone pushed the highlights up in the video, shameful.

      1. Bb

        I understand that these are intended to be harmless funny remarks, but when I read your comments, I thought ‘slating a woman because she is overweight and has a tattoo?’. You could have said ‘calf’ where the tattoo seems to be, but perhaps you thought cankle would get more laughs, and get you more street cred. And then the next comment ‘don’t go further north’ implies that one shouldn’t have sex with this woman, simply because she is overweight. I of course see the funny side of this video, it’s terribly made! I just feel like if we think about what we’re actually implying by the things we say (myself included), it can be eye-opening.

          1. Bb

            Why do you assume that I am a man?
            I’m serious though, I’m not preaching, simply expressing another way to look at things. Highlight sexist remarks and you’re “preaching?”

        1. Paul Davis

          You are correct, one shouldn’t have sex with this woman, because she is overweight.

          Have some self respect.

  2. Farmer Frank

    Lovely women. I like the blonde lassie. Like my Massey Ferguson 255, gets the job done reliably and on time but you wouldn’t take her onto soft ground.

  3. Willie Banjo

    I liked the bit where the South American dictator invited the elderly people to his country and shook their hands…

  4. Praetorian

    Finest bunch of women i’ve seen in a long time…keep ya warm in the winter…shade ya in the summer…

  5. Mr. T.

    Lots of foolish business owners think they can make their own ads. And some do.

    But what next?

    Yeah. That’s where they all fail.

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