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Full page ad in this morning’s Irish Times

How much?



*full body spasm*


The first cases of a new Covid-19 variant of concern have been detected in the Republic.

Two cases of BA.4, a sublineage of the currently dominant Omicron Covid-19 variant, were detected earlier this month, according to chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan.

…Dr Holohan says the two strains have a growth advantage most likely because they can evade immunity provided by prior infection and vaccination, particularly as this wanes over time.

Covid: New variant of concern detected in Republic  (Paul Cullen, Irish Times)

Images from the ‘controversial’ new Benetton campaign, launched today. The one with the Pope and the Egyptian imam has just been withdrawn after complaints by the Vatican earlier this week.

The campaign is all about people setting aside their differences through the power of overpriced knitwear.

Above: Barack Obama kisses Hu Jintao and Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il locks lips with Lee Myung-bak, Angela Merkel smooches Nicolas Sarkozy, Mahmoud Abbas tongue-wrestles Benjamin Netanyahu and Pope Benedict makes out with Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb.

Buy more jumpers.

Meanwhile, there are no original ideas:

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