The Toilet Of No Shame



Wouldn’t go in there for a bit.

Nora Mahoney writes:

“Thought you might enjoy this, a 3-bed in Blackrock [Co Dublin] that requires total refurbishment and *only has an OUTDOOR toilet*  [pictured above] for a mere €325,000. Savills says they’re delighted to present it. No boom here, then….”

*plop* *thud*

14 Brookfield Terrace (

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17 thoughts on “The Toilet Of No Shame

  1. GiGi

    My best friend lives in a cottage on the Dodder in Ballsbridge. There was an 80 year old woman (up until she passed recently) who would go out into her outdoor loo in the back garden. She had no indoor toilet and she was renting from another elderly neighbour. Eventually someone to do with health insisted she install a shower (she had no hot water either) so she agreed to have a shower installed but wanted it in the living room near the heat if the fire. She used to get on the dart and travel to Bray back and forth to keep warm or stay in bed on really cold days. My friend would drop her round her dinner, bring her the paper and she loved a packet of Minstrels. Sad to think that someone with no one belong to her was getting on with life in such harsh conditions. A cottage five doors down was refurbished and the owner was charging €3000 a month rent. Funny old world.

    had a neighbour in Ba

  2. GiGi

    Sorry last line came from nowhere there by accident for some reason. Anyway to finish my Friday evening take if woe, I met this elderly lady a few times and she was so happy and jolly… she cycled everywhere her whole life until she became too elderly. The moment she passed away the other neighbours gutted the cottage and refurbished it and now they’re getting €3000 a month rent too. Thought it was bad form to not furnish the little old lady with an indoor bathroom at least. When I heard she had to go into her outdoor garden to her outdoor loo even during the year we had the bad snow my heart broke for her. : (

  3. mauriac

    50,000 people in Ireland haven’t paid their mortgages in two years.not a boom,artificial bubblettes .

  4. medieval knievel

    meanwhile, not too far away, there is a slightly bigger 2 bed apartment for sale for €525,000.
    people latch on to the price tag of this one because the place needs work, but it’s basically a €425k house after the work is done; but this place asking €425k in good nick would not raise eyebrows.

  5. Sancho

    Blackrok is a great spot. Close to everything. My preference is to live in Blackrock when I move back. This price looks good. Only trick is that you buy it and then need to find somewhere else to love for 6 months while you refurbish. (I assume the place is structurally sound- coures, if it’s not, stay away.)

  6. Anne

    “Savills says they’re delighted to present it.”

    What are they delighted about?
    Are Savills on the happy pills?

    Savills, delighted to be swindling you, for a sh*thole.
    Nice alliteration that.

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