Keeping the Pecker Up




Jason writes:

“Found this little fella at the side of the road in Dundrum [Co Dublin]. Luckily my sister is a budgie expert so I knew who to call and she is nursing him back to full strength now. He is blue with two very distinctive darker blue marks on his cheeks. Would love to see him returned to his family.”


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15 thoughts on “Keeping the Pecker Up

  1. Dr kimble

    its like knobbin two birds with one johnny, I mean a bird a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

    1. Mick Flavin

      Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: “Yeah, we’re smart. We are. I mean, how smart could…[Dr Richard Kimble]…be, really? Is he as smart as you are?”
      Dr. Charles Nichols: [thinks and considers his answer, smiles] “Smarter.”

  2. Happy Molloy

    cool thing to find to be fair.
    we found a baby sparrow that fell out of it’s nest when we were kids, made it a nest and fed it until it grew strong, we helped it learn to fly with gentile throws in the air until one day it flew away and never came back :-(

    1. The Clack

      We did the same with a jackdaw when we were kids. It came back a few times, it would hop in through the kitchen window and get some food from the dogs bowl and hang out for a while. Then it stopped coming back :(

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            She lures you in with the name, then smacks you in the face with the death of a beloved childhood pet. Cruel, really.

  3. Totoro

    They all have those cheek patches btw (except albinos), they’re usually that blue/violet colour. They’re actually UV fluorescent and budgies have tetrachromatic vision which makes those cheek patches pretty sexy (or so I hear).

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