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All the way.

Glenwood, Edenmore, Baldoyle, Dublin this afternoon.

Baldoyle Anto Water Charges writes:

“Three water meters in, about 10 holes dug….Gardai are relocating to Glenwood in Edenmore after their earlier mix up. Apparently the workers turned up in Glenwood and Gardai went to Greenwood…”


Baldoyle Anti-Water Charge (Facebook)

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38 thoughts on “Behind You

  1. offMooof

    Lets take a moment to appreciate what is happening here. The Gardai are now being forced to push through austerity measures. Protesting what is done to public property is the minimum you should be able to do with public property in a democracy.
    Why is there such a heavy force required to impose privatisation, water will be more valuable than oil what part of handing our water supply to Denis O’Brian makes sense?

    1. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

      Why? Because anti-democratic thugs won’t let workers install water meters as they are lawfully doing for a State organisation.

      It’s one thing to “protest” – it’s quite another to physically interfere with someone else’s work.

        1. Jackdaw

          that’s just a shower of wasters shouting abuse at incredibly restrained and professional Gardai about a Police State as if they knew what they were talking about.

      1. offMooof

        The anti-democratic thugs are taking care of democracy while we wait for the rest of our people to stop swallowing the proaganda without question.
        Divide and rule – page 1 of the Tory handbook.

        1. Ex1Pat

          What happened on Saturday was people saying enough of rising government take from the paycheque. What is happening here are thugs failing to follow Garda instructions as to what is and what is not a peaceful protest. Whilst I agree with water charges becauase you cannot have a sustainable labour market when people earning €32,801 are paying marginal tax of 52%/55% and to lower it you need to stop giving away unlimited quantites of an expensive commodity to move around and treat, I respect the protest on Saturday, the manner it was conducted in and understand that particular groups i.e. the low paid and those starting families over the past 5-6 years with legacy mortgages need to see more for their hard work.

          1. offMooof

            the Garda gave no istructions they don’t speak to us at the moment. You should respect the protest, it is a requirment for a healthy democracy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion that is also democracy. However we are seeing our communities decimated, 20% of Dublin children go to school hungry we have two suicides a day, these things are very visible and the community can only do so much.
            You cannot have a sustainable market full stop if there is nobody can buy your products. erhaps raising wages is a better idea than cutting taxes. Que the cult of competitiveness regardless of whether we can possibly drive wages down even more.
            Your wages are being cut too, and when wars are being fought for water you’ll thank us.

      2. Banotti

        Mega cringe. Trust me, the gardai are thinking “what a pack of ken ackers. This shift is dragging on”

          1. offMooof

            You and your kind, power, Money..good emotive poking there Banotti but its not going to work on anyone. That should have been clear after Saturday, three pillars of authority crumbled last week, the government, the Gardai and the media, who failed miserably. The old tools of status and power are all being questioned I’d imagine this is the death knell for party politics. Its open revolt just nobody actually wants society to break down, it is fairy useful so only laws around evictions are being challenged, successfully.

          2. edalicious

            “We’ll make you work in a call centre, Banotti, along with Enda.” Is the kind of thing all the worst revolutionaries say.

        1. Wayne.F

          The right to “PEACEFUL” and “LAWFUL” Protest the two words in bold and commas are very important to that right

          1. offMooof

            What is not peaceful or lawful? The slightest infrgement and they’ll arrest. People lost all respect for the Gardai last week, law and order didn’t break down rather an eviction was stopped and the gardai were shamed.
            Nobody wants thuggery when the social contract is under so much pressure people know what happens once violence starts.

  2. Conor

    Wow, 18 Gardai in that photo. Outrageous waste of resources.

    I thought the Guards were woefully under resourced and can’t put many cops on the beat on the streets?! Hmmm.

  3. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

    Always that stance from the gardaí. Arms folded and ignoring the member of the public who is speaking or else sneering at them. Is it a recognised procedure they are taught?

    1. I, Diddley

      Talking out of your backside is not an acceptable form of protest. The Guards are more laid back than most police internationally

  4. Panty Christ

    IW should be footing the bill for the Garda presence just as any other private company would if they needed their “event management” help

  5. Mayor Quimby

    nice one idiots.

    No Garda overtime for your area when it gets dark and burglars are taking your stuff.

  6. GI Jane

    That first pic with the sergeant. A miserable man with zero people skills, used to be a sergeant in Santry almost 20 years ago, not liked by one of his colleagues… A miserable man then and by his appearance in that photograph, even more miserable now, although haven’t not been promoted in 20 years no doubt has something to do with it. Put a smile on my face I must admit.

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