12 thoughts on “What Do They Know?

  1. Jim Computer

    You’re all being way too cynical.

    That was a beautiful video.

    Everyone featured in it said something, and it was real.
    Unlike most of ‘these type of videos’ it wasn’t making fun of it’s cast.
    It was also presented in a way that shone a positive light on those featured in it.
    They have something to say, and too few of us ever listen.

    Well done Riyadh, you’ve broken a mould and you should be commended for that.
    Pay no attention to the naysayers here.
    Unlike the people you interviewed, these people have NOTHING to say

    1. Jim Computer

      Can I just say the word ‘Say’ again, before someone else says that I say the word ‘say’ too often?

      1. ahyeah

        No, you don’t. It’s just that it rhymes with ‘gay’ and you’re still coming to terms with things, hence the uneasiness.

    2. Janet

      Jim I was actually being genuine. I really liked this too and it was more in answer to the first post. My Da said that all the time and it’s the best advice he ever gave me.

      1. Janet

        Maybe I should have quoted more accurately in hindsight. . He says be kind to people keep your mouth shut. Ironic I came across as not doing exactly the part that spoke to me the most… god dam toneless text :)

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