Fr Michael Drumm of the Catholic Schools Partnership this morning at Warrenmount School, Dublin 8

“The aim of this new report is to demonstrate that Catholic voluntary schools are a key part of our whole educational enterprise that they make a distinct contribution to the development of Irish society and that they want to work in partnership with all of the stakeholders in second-level schools.”

Via Independent.ie:

A paper presented by CSP [Catholic Schools Partnership] chairperson Fr Michael Drumm said that Catholic secondary schools were severely disadvantaged in terms of finance in comparison with community/comprehensive schools and schools under the umbrella of Education and Training Boards (ETBs), formerly Vocational Education Committees (VECs)

The basis on which the State provides money to Catholic schools is different from that applying to the other sectors and Fr Drumm said Catholic schools receive “significantly less funding”.

According to [the paper] the patronage structure that supports Catholic schools received no State funding, which was “clearly unjust”.

Catholic schools seeking end to ‘unjust’ treatment by State (Katherine Donnelly, Irish Independent)

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9 thoughts on “Catholic Aid

  1. Sidewinder

    Sell one vatican artwork and you’d fund half the schools in Ireland, Catholic and otherwise.

  2. Zynks

    The church guys should all quit from education related work in protest. That’s what I would do. Let the state come begging for the return of their essential patronage.

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