Knickers Moniker



As part of the Knickers for Enda campaign, you can put pen to panties paper and post your smalls to:

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny
Government Buildings
Merrion Street
Dublin 2

Give him a frill..

Speaking of Imelda (facebook)

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37 thoughts on “Knickers Moniker

  1. Mick Flavin

    Enclosure (n): An area, domain, or amount of something partially or entirely enclosed by barriers.

    Fair enough, I say…

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    The knickers symbolism is just all wrong. Plus making any politician squirm like that is not going to yield any action. Really childish stuff.

  3. Bertie Blenkinsop

    When Enda is the one looking dignified in an encounter you know you’ve done something wrong.

  4. Medium Sized C

    I’m thinking this is an act for the giver more than the receiver.
    Like a hashtag on twitter.

    Rather than do something productive like try to change someone’s mind or encourage people to contact representatives, they are trying to embarrass a guy into doing what they want.
    I mean what do they hope to achieve?
    Bully the Taoiseach into submission?
    Do they honestly think that will work?

    Or are we after the awareness fairy again? That’ll be something.
    Imagine the hordes of people who already agreed with them in the first place baying in support.
    A pro-choice circlejerk.

    It is an action, but has no more effect than a hashtag.

    1. Sidewinder

      Hashtags have worked in the past. They spread awareness and are an excellent source of information for the prevalence of discussion of a particular topic. Twitter activism works.

      1. Medium Sized C

        Spreading awareness is a proxy for complete inaction except when they are spreading awareness of actions to be taken and even in those cases, most of the time the action a useless action and may as well have been a pointless hashtag.

        Like this for example.

      2. rotide

        Twitter activism tends to work on people who are on and pay attention to twitter. Which isn’t as many as people seem to think.

        There is a huge portion of the population who pay no attention to twitter or facebook whatsoever.

  5. Just sayin'

    Some civil servant just wasted time replying to a woman who sent her knickers to the Taoiseach. How depressing.

          1. The Old Boy

            Christmas, usually? Nothing fancy, just Marks and Sparks standard. The elastic goes to quickly on the Dunnes ones.

          2. The Old Boy

            Dear Patricia, 14/2/14

            Here’s a little something for the day that’s in it. I hope Mr Collins likes them.



  6. Alfred E. Neumann

    That’s a pretty urbane reply from Ms Collins, actually.

    As to the campaign, I think it’s clear what they’re trying to achieve. They want to make it impossible for any government politician to appear in public without the risk of being festooned with knickers. If you don’t think that might encourage a bit of action on our abortion laws, you’re underestimating the vanity of politicians.

  7. Eoghany

    Yea I’d have to agree. I’m all for amending the legislation, but shut up with your stupid knickers campaign, this is a serious matter.

  8. I, Diddley

    And there was me thinking the Slutwalk was the lowpoint of narcissistic, utterly silly feminist protest.

  9. Imelda

    Childish? …..Or: “The Imeldas’ mockery is important as a counterpoint to Fine Gael’s po-faced ‘statesmanship’. For the government, abortion is a matter of deep moral and political consequence for the entire populace – to be held away from the ballot box until the moment is exactly right. It is the constitutional issue of our time. It is a matter for cautious unpublished advice by the Attorney General. A referendum cannot be rushed. A proper political debate should not be allowed to excite undue passion. Reform cannot be triggered by the mere facts of any individual case, but must be preceded by careful weighing of abstract propositions. The purpose of any legislation is to keep the floodgates of choice firmly closed. ….And then, in Cricklewood, the Taoiseach is ‘knickerbombed’ into embarrassment. The mockery, with its connotations of sex and scandal – dirty laundry – creates a space in which he can be reminded of troublesome reality. His dinner is, for a moment, spoiled.”

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