The Edge Of Tomorrow



The Edge and his planned Malibu cliff top ‘compound’

“The Edge submitted plans for the five houses separately, under separate names, which CCC staff originally took as an attempt to skirt environmental rules, according to the LA Times.

They also found that the project “would scar a steep, undeveloped ridgeline visible from much of the coastline, cause extensive geological disturbance and destroy environmentally sensitive native vegetation.”

A few months later, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy suddenly switched their stance on the development from con to neutral after The Edge gave them $750,000 in cash, $250,000 worth of work by a consultant, and 97 acres of land for conservation.

Then, in 2012, The Edge’s “extensive team” started lobbying for a pro-development, anti-environment state bill that would’ve helped clear the way for the project. “

Good times.

U2’s The Edge Could Be Allowed to Build Five-Mansion Clifftop Compound in Malibu (Curbed LA)

Thanks Mark Malone

18 thoughts on “The Edge Of Tomorrow

  1. Tom Stewart

    Wow. What a total and complete pr*ck.

    F*** your laws, f*** the environment, f*** if it ruins local scenery: I want my absurdly big Malibu compound.

    I want, I want, I want, I want.

  2. Planet of the Missing Biros

    Every so often U2 do a bit of diddly ay for the cameras in Ireland and every sycophant laps it up and thinks it’s great. But then they’re off again being millionaire rock stars around the world just as you or I would do. Stop falling the old four lads from Dublin routine.

    They don’t give a toss. They just play it up. Every boy done good loves the adoration from the little home town fools.

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