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Martin Garrix feat. Bono & The Edge – We Are The People

‘We Are The People Of The Open Hand/Streets Of Dublin To Notre Dame,

‘We’ll Build It Better Than We Did Before /We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For’


The official UEFA EURO 2020 song.

Back of the net?

or globalist howler?

Only you can decide

Martin Garrix?


Last night.

Bono and The Edge played live in front of an adoring audience and faced tax free questioning from host Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show.

The only bum note? iTunes and the ‘blogosphere’.


Bono: “You know what, it’s a funny thing… you know, to walk up Grafton Street and see all those buskers and think, are you sure we can do that, to eventually get to a place where we can…”

[cheers from audience]

Ryan Tubridy: [taking mike from Bono] “I don’t think you need that any more. Okay, Not to put on a dampener but we need to talk about iTunes for a second…”

Bono: “What’s the dampener about?

[booing from audience]

Tubridy: “Well done, that’ s what they’re saying, well done.”

Bono: “Thank you.”

Tubridy: “But obviously, the iTunes scenario was an enormous success in terms of downloading that album to all those people. [Bono reaches across him for water] What’s that? The water? You want my water?”

Bono: “We share everything.”

[The Edge laughs]

Tubridy: “How are you with the reaction to how it all went down, the iTunes?”

The Edge: “What reaction?”

Tubridy: “You tell me. What did you think of the reaction?”

Bono: “If there was any bad reaction we’d we’d definitely have heard about it on the internet.”

Tubridy: “And you didn’t hear anything?”

Bono: “I don’t know what you’re on about.”

Tubridy: [laughing] “That’s very bold. That’s bold.”

[audience cheers]

Bono: “Here’s the thing, here’s the thing. If you go into your local bar and you, you know, just check this because years ago you go into the gents this may not be true of the ladies but it’s certainly true of the gents you go into the stalls close the door there’s all manner of invective and graffiti and pictures that you don’t want to see again and if you go there now there’s none of it, there’s nothing on the walls…”

Tubridy: “Where are they gone?”

Bono:They are in the blogosphere now and you know, just, you know, you can avoid it.”

Tubridy: “Do you let any of it in, the Bono bashing?”

Bono: “You know, I’ve got an umbrella and when the shitstorm happens I just.. put up me umbrella”

[Cheering from audience]

Bono: “You must like it that’s the thing you must like an argument we, we, I like it and Irish people don’t mind an argument we don’t mind stirring it up and’s what’s the point of being in a band like U2 if you can’t stir it up and, the truth of it is is, the music business, the model’s broken and the charts don’t really reflect what people are listening to, they reflect what good people… who are still paying for music and they’re the people also who support iTunes, so, you know, the idea that Apple would reward people who actually pay for music with a gift from them, not from us, was, was great, and, and we got to get it out there, I think there’s like whatever there is, like 80, like I think it’s nearly 100 million people now have checked out one or two of the tracks and it’s nearly 30 have taken the whole album…”

Tubridy: “That’s a million..”

The Edge: “I was going to say…”

Bono: “Thanks Edge, I’m glad you’re here. What’s a few noughts before breakfast?”

The Edge [laughing]: “Thanks for the clarification.”

Bono: “30 million people have taken this into their hearts and what took us 30 years for the Joshua Tree we did in 3 weeks with Songs of Innocence.”



a) Bono fan?
b) Aghast hairdresser?
c) International tax lawyer?

We may never know.

Watch show in full here


The Edge and his planned Malibu cliff top ‘compound’

“The Edge submitted plans for the five houses separately, under separate names, which CCC staff originally took as an attempt to skirt environmental rules, according to the LA Times.

They also found that the project “would scar a steep, undeveloped ridgeline visible from much of the coastline, cause extensive geological disturbance and destroy environmentally sensitive native vegetation.”

A few months later, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy suddenly switched their stance on the development from con to neutral after The Edge gave them $750,000 in cash, $250,000 worth of work by a consultant, and 97 acres of land for conservation.

Then, in 2012, The Edge’s “extensive team” started lobbying for a pro-development, anti-environment state bill that would’ve helped clear the way for the project. “

Good times.

U2’s The Edge Could Be Allowed to Build Five-Mansion Clifftop Compound in Malibu (Curbed LA)

Thanks Mark Malone