What Have They Done To Aidan?



Aidan Coughlan (with Newstalk Breakfast presenter Chris Donoghue) promoting the budget coverage on Newstalk.

2012: Fun-loving, Hawaiian shirt-wearing editor of The Broadsheet Book of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland (New Island, €5) and chronic tay addict.

 Today: Terrifying razor-headed digital big cheese at DenisFm.

Progress yes.

But is he happy?

*shaves skull*

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9 thoughts on “What Have They Done To Aidan?

  1. Wayne Carr

    Well it’s obvious why he isn’t on radio anyway. He attempts the whole manly radio voice thing, but just sounds like a fifteen year-old who doesn’t know exactly what “the budget” actually is. Wait, am I being too harsh on someone I’ve neither met, nor had hear of until you posted this? Naaaaah

    1. Medium Sized C

      Night time.
      If you need you fix:

      “D4 Liberal elite”
      *Shouts over you*

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