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22 thoughts on “Crude Awakening

  1. Odis

    No its happening. There’s all sorts of theories for it. Seemingly, its being caused by the Saudi’s selling cheap.

    It has been implied, that they have a deal with the US. Dropping the price of Oil, hurts the Russians. So it is an economic weapon to be used against Putin
    Cynics have suggested that the price for hurting the Russians, is that the US goes on to bomb the Assad’s Syria, after they’ve done ISIS. A win win for democracy and freedom.

    Then again the really really long shot is “Cold Fusion” works!!! Oil is last years thing.

    But most likely its caused by the recession in Europe and the (none) recession in the US, which has reduced demand and caused a bit of a price war.

      1. Odis

        Meh Lockheed Martin, seemingly, with Rossi’s E Cat reactor, we’ll have nuclear lawn mowers in ten years.

    1. Odis

      Mind you the Yanks liked bragging about their mega amounts of Frack Gas, a couple of years ago. Don’t hear a lot about that nowadays.

  2. Disasta

    They did not say they cracked cold fusion they say they may have a prototype I five years that can do fusion

    1. Tony

      They’ve cracked the hardest part, the containment. It’s Skunk Works, they wouldn’t publicise it if they didn’t have the maths done, check out the aviationist article. It’s not a steorn, it’s a military contractor that brought us the the U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117 Nighthawk, and the F-22 Raptor, quite simply: guys that know their sh1t.

  3. Eliot Rosewater

    Also, can anybody answer why that tesla’s free energy idea (if it worked) was never put into practice? Surely better than cold fusion?

  4. Dhaughton99

    If you have nothing to watch tonight, do a search for ‘who killed the electric car’. Fascinating.

    Anyone remember the url for the Irish documentary site BS posted about a few weeks ago.

    1. Spartacus

      If the containment field breaks down it´ll be a very messy end, very possibly involving a very bright fire.

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