39 thoughts on “How Crazy?

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Ehm, no. 3 bottles @ 8.33 is 24.99 – they are taking you for a cent if you take their deal.

      Admittedly I would normally have let them keep it to avoid shrapnel, but when they pull this kind of thing I am inclined to buy my bottles one at a time, just to annoy them :)

  1. buckfastmonkey

    I just checked the asterix. It merely says ” when you buy any 3 bottles “.
    Translation, ” we’re gonna take an extra cent ya daft wino “.

    1. Jonjo

      Yes, it’s €8.33 (€25/3) per bottle when any 3 are bought. Individually they would be dearer.

      How are you not getting this?

  2. JimmyV

    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick note in case you care about your visitor numbers –

    This post is the one that made me decide to remove Broadsheet from my RSS reader.

    Maybe stop being stupid?

    Good Luck!

    1. Mick Flavin

      I, on the contrary, would like to register my approval of this kind of post. I can’t be the only one here who likes to watch people bickering over absolute nonsense.
      Most people here would argue with their own feet. I’m the kind of pervert who likes to observe that behaviour.

      1. Spartacus

        plus a few million

        Not only do I want to observe it, going beyond mere voyeurism, I revel in it. I roll around on the floor in it.
        I´ll miss JimmyV though, he was like a brother to me. Mind you, that could be the 80 cent per litre vino tinto speaking.

        1. Anne

          80 cent per litre? Do you mean to say, you can get 3 litres for 2.40 somewhere?
          Happy days..

          I find after the first gulp, tis all the same anyway.

          1. Mick Flavin

            Arrest you? I’m too pretty to attempt such a reckless thing.
            Here, have some of my own personal stash instead, “Vin du WC”. It’s tart, with subtle notes of varnish and blindness.

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