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A mesmerising video of paint, soap and oil mixing together by director Thomas Blanchard and photographer Oilhack.

Filming took 4 months and the final edit uses only 2% of the captured footage.

Full screen for best effect.


oil-1 oil-2 oil-5 oil-6oil-7

Part of a photo series by artist Fabian Oefner exploring the phenomenon of iridescence.

To create the images he syringed oil into a darkened, water-filled reservoir, capturing the plumes as they spread over the surface, sometimes resembling flames, irises and solar flares.


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Imperfect, asymmetrical, minimal and rather excellent oil portraits of female celebrities by British painter Gill Button, aka, Button Fruit.

Name them dames, if you will.



Buy low, sell high, etc.


 Tony O’Reilly, CEO of Providence Resources in 2009

Where’s our black gold?

With Providence drilling only one appraisal well so far, potential farm-out partners may want more evidence.
“There is a discovery there, the question is what is commercially recoverable,” said David Round, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets in London. “They may still find a partner, though the terms might not be as lucrative as they originally envisaged.”
Providence’s difficulties in finding a partner may have been amplified by past exploration failures in offshore Ireland. Some 158 wells have been drilled over past 45 years in Irish waters. Only four commercial gas fields have been found.

Where’s That Irish Oil, Investors Wonder Two Years Later (Dara Doyle, Bloomberg)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)