Party Of Esteem




At the Masonic Hall, Arthur Square, Belfast next month.

Keith writes:

“The 99% Ulster Unionist Northern Irish Freemasons are having an Irish “culture” night. not a bit sectarian or paddywackeryish…”

To the shillelaghs.

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13 thoughts on “Party Of Esteem

  1. oblongo

    Can we really complain when this is precisely the image the country willfully peddles to anyone who’ll listen abroad? On O’Connell Street, a huge storefront is taken up with the plastic green frontage of Paddywchakery tours or whatever it’s called. I doubt there’s equivalents on Unter den Linden or the Champs Elysees ..

  2. Louis Lefronde

    Hmmm, slightly ignorant… the Masons are not Sectarian. After all Daniel O’Connell was one?

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