Ewe May Like This



Hey Ewe.

An Irish-made epic sheep puzzle game.

Worth shearing.

JP Vaughan of Rocket Rainbow writes;

“I’m one of the developers on Hay Ewe and wanted to let you know about its global release on the AppStore Tomorrow [Thursday, October9].
It’s being published in partnership with UK publishing veteran Team17 Ltd, the guys who made Worms, and is the first title from Rocket Rainbow.
We’re a very small Irish game developer that began life after the US company, PopCap, closed its Dublin studio back in September 2012. There’s not many games development jobs in Ireland, PopCap was the largest when it was here employing 96 people, so we had to choose between going abroad or doing it ourselves. Thankfully we went with the latter and although it has been Lidl noodles and little pay for the past year and a half, we are still delighted with the decision. It would be great if you got the word out.”

Rocket Rainbow

Hay Ewe released for iOS this week! (Gamasutra)

2 thoughts on “Ewe May Like This

  1. ET

    If it is even half as much fun and a quarter as addictive as Plants Vs Zombies then you guys will be well on your way to serious success. I’ll be downloading it from the Google Play store when it comes out tomorrow :D Best of luck with it and fair play for all the hard work and long nights.

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