Where Is This?




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The old gates of Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin 14 and a view the Castle Lodge (above)


Louis Le Fronde writes:

“The gates and the former lodge beside them (sold in 2011 for €400,000) are reputedly haunted by a little boy who came to a sad end [see below] Thought the photo might make a nice Hallowe’en image for your readers. More on Haunted Dublin to come later his month!”


From True Stories Of irish Ghosts by St John Seymour

Top pic by Fr Browne (via South Dublin Libraries)

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20 thoughts on “Where Is This?

  1. Blonto

    Looks like the Luas used to go out that way. Knock down the deadly entrance and remove the tracks. Great progress.

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    They’re developing the castle lodge at the moment. Nice spot.
    I like that castle. It’s devoid of frippery. It’s a no-nonsense castle.

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