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  1. Janet

    Both my dogs are rescue and to watch their progression is an amazing thing but don’t forget theses dogs need even more patience and commitment, a quick weekend away can put their whole trust back to zero :)
    Does anyone know if is there a home suitability check first in Ireland, a test meet at the pound with existing pets and a six month follow up visit to the home after ? There is in France and it’s a great safeguard against disappointed dogs and owners.

    1. Bar

      They will do a home check to make sure that your garden is secure. You can also do a meet in the pound, and bring existing pets if you like. They do a follow-up vet visit 2-4 weeks afterwards.

    2. Spartacus

      The municipal pounds don´t conduct checks other than to establish that the new owner has a dog licence. The privately run charity rescue places are very thorough to the point of being OTT at times.

  2. Dermot Bohan

    I have a rescue dog (Westie) who was used for breeding from what the vet says was far too young an age.

    When we got her, she was in terrible physical condition and frightened of everything. Wouldn’t come up to humans and ran from any sort of noise. Wouldn’t put her head through a door (I’m told for fear of getting a kick in the head), and had been chewing stones which ground down her front teeth. Apparently, the chewing stones helped with digestion so she must of been fed some shite quality of food. In the beginning she would eat her own poo which is common in underfed dogs. Her teeth on one side of her gums were in bad condition with one missing and others cracked from some sort of blunt force trauma.
    The first few vet visits and injections required were taken care of the rescue group who had taken the dogs into care.

    It took about 2 years for her to get over most of the fears she had but pretty much from the start returned the love she received in spades, and is now full of confidence but still quite timid. She prefers chilling out and peace and quiet instead of hell-raising, is very gentle but also communicative. And now loves going for walks and has no problem walking off the lead or learning commands. Anyone living alone would do very well to adopt a rescue dog as they make excellent companions.

    I hate to think of the other dogs in her position who live out a miserable existence, used for production and not having anyone give a damn about them.

    1. Janet

      If I’d the space I’d bring them all home and be the mad dog lady ;) Pounds are pretty horrible despite the best efforts from staff the dogs fear and tension is palpable.
      my pointer took two months to stop spining around in circles..but it’s true these dogs really give back.

  3. Starina

    The love you get from a rescued pet is so great, as is the reward of seeing them come out of their shell/calm down/grow in affection.

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