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Digital paddywackery.


Spartacus writes:

Received a promotional email this morning from MemoryC.com, a Kildare based distributor of computer memory products to EU markets. Leprechaun USB memory sticks on special offer. Anyone?

16GB Leprechaun USB Flash Drive (MemoryC)

Irish-made stuff marked Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. No fees, favours, USB whatsits, etc.

You may remember Father Martin McVeigh (above) whose power point presentation to parents [of children at a primary school in County Tyrone] about Holy Communion unexpectedly displayed gay porn images.

An inquiry was launched by the archdiocese and Fr Martin McVeigh said his character had been “blackened” by “innuendo and fabrication” in the media.

Well, you’re probably not going to believe this but:

Yesterday’s Irish News (behind paywall and via Bronagh Mc).

Miraculously, the laptop was the only item stolen during the burglary.

Thus endeth the inquiry.

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Thanks Lars Biscuit.

Behold the USB 3.0 SSD Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, unveiled at the CES 2012 and available from April: USB stick-only or with blades, scissors and the usual gubbins.

Yes, yes, you’ll say, these people have been cramming flash drives into their multitools for years. But this one  is different. It has 1TB (1000GB) of storage. Enough to hold the entire content of most PCs several times over. The drive is removable and incorporates a tiny monochrome display showing what’s on your device and how much room you have left.

And the price? €2,370.

About 20 times the cost of a 1TB portable hard drive. Doubtless there are wealthy übergeeks out there who will buy two.