Bleurgh  Aw.

Controversial but apparently cuddly Football Association of Ireland boss John Delaney (left) – 47 today – and partner Emma English.

It’s that lad’s birthday every day.


Via Emma English

Meanwhile...Why John Delaney has a fraught relationship with League of Ireland (Alan Smith, Guardian)

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34 thoughts on “Big Bear Day

  1. Brother Rabiite

    He is looking like a bit of a pantomime dame there, is he wearing more make up than she is?

  2. Parp

    “…rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous is just part of the everyday job for this busy couple. ‘I have worked with many celebrities in Ireland,’ Emma says, ‘from Def Leppard’s Rick Savage and his wife Paige, Calum Best, Brian Kennedy, Martin King, Brent Pope, Gerald Kean, Elaine Crowley, the Midday girls, Nick Munier, Rosanna Davison and Lorraine Keane.’ With such an impressive list of past clients…”

    Jesus Christ

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