60 thoughts on “Can You Design?

    1. Mani

      How about….a stick figure with a syringe for a penis, making sweet love to a stray Jack Russell, whilst a NCAD student paints said act of passion in their own urine?

        1. Mani

          I’m a shut-in. Too fat to get out of the house without using a crane and a bucket of frytex.
          All I have is this place, and my collection of ceramic urinals.

  1. spider

    Sorry, I’m on a Jobsbridge scheme and under my contract cannot produce work for any other groups besides the Boutique Design Consultancy I have been enslaved to… Something to do with them owning the rights to everything I produce…

    1. Odis

      Tell them nothing. They won’t suspect. From what you are telling us, they consider you to be a worthless individual anyway.

      1. spider

        The boss doesn’t like to walk too far from his Merc to the office door… So I’m off now to find a parking space for him, easiest €50 I ever earned… later I’ll be working on a multimillion euro campaingn for CockaCola…

        I laugh at the OP’s offer of free work at least I have my dignity…

  2. spider

    Hey John Gallen, I’ve changed my mind. I will produce your logo, but in exchange I’ll need some of your residents to come over and police some antisocial behaviour in my locality… I also need some letters written & typed. You will be expected to be able to perform your duties to a professional standard and supply your own truncheons, hi-vis jackets and steel capped shoes.

    Also, we control our correspondence through a high end database & will require you to purchase a license.

    1. John Gallen

      Thanks… if this gets off the ground, we’ll have our own hi-vis slips at the ready.

      Truncheons have been abandoned for long stemmed flowers and steel capped boots have been replaced with fluffy bunny slippers. But all n’ all we’d be happy to help you out however we can in your neighbuorhood :)

      1. spider

        Why didn’t you ask Broadsheet if they could advertise for others to provide your letter headed paper, high vis jackets and printing for free as well… or are they things that you actually place value on?

        1. John Gallen

          We have a member in the group who can get the hi-viz slips and get them printed already.

          We have no money so we’ll be running off headed paper from my own home printer.. but hey, it’s a colour printer with nice paper! :)

  3. Louis Lefronde

    James’s Street isn’t that in District 8?

    It seems you guys are having problems with ‘The Prawns’ again.

    (said in deep Afrikaaner accent)

    1. John Gallen

      Hi Louis, thanks for that movie reference :)

      I wasn’t to sure myself about the word ‘Districts’ in the name at first… but we’re going to hold onto it anyway for now.
      But, if someone does want to submit a suggestion without the words ‘and districts’ in it, I’d still be happy to present it to the group. Again, all suggestions much appreciated.

  4. jean

    Hi John, I’m a designer, I live in Rialto and work in Christchurch and would love to help out. I’m just very tied up with work for the next couple of weeks. When do you need it for?

  5. Eeejit

    Now, I’m all against this “crowd-source’ a free logo bullsh*t (you get what you pay for) but if a group is giving up their free time to improve an area then it’s not too much to ask someone help them in their free time if they have the skills. Ideally that person, would be from the local area so they could benefit directly.

    Granted the post could have been phrased better.

  6. Dhaughton99

    James’s St does have a sex shop. Can’t say that about your hip$ter bull hickey Camden St.

    But really, no offence to the people who live there but James’s St is a hole. But fair play for trying.

  7. Soundings

    From experience, even minus a logo, groups of joggers, cyclists, dog-walkers even, will deter anti-social behaviour. The vast majority see such groups, healthily enjoying the streets, which encourages the silent law-abiding majority to spend a bit more time outdoors, which let’s face it can be unpleasant and intimidating. And it deters the ne’er-do-wells, there’s nothing worse for your local drug pusher than a bunch of folks pursuing civilised hobbies passing them in the streets or alleyways, it’s bad for business, it’s not worth the hassle for them, they move elsewhere or move it indoors [by the way, you don’t have to tackle them or say a single word, you’ll get some hard stares at first and some of the clientele mightn’t like you scaring away the supply, but it’s just not worth the hassle for them, and the majority get back a civilised neighborhood].

    Worth keeping track of how they get on in St James’s.

  8. Coddle

    John John John…..

    You have to desist with Stephens Avenue. It’s Stephens Lane (actually Stephenseseses Lane – local lingo). Its a LANE man.

    A Jambo exile

    Really – fair play. Loved growing up there and it’s really sad to see it deteriorate as it has down there. Good luck

    1. Jim Computer

      I’m with you.
      I grew up acting the asshole around that eh. vicinity..
      -Best years of my life, although I never actually realised it at the time.

      If I could do it all again I’d start on the drugs much earlier.
      It was only after that that it became interesting.

      Can’t remember any of it.

  9. Iwerzon

    Design Idea – maybe incorporate the Scallop shell which is a reference to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the historic Irish departure point being Jame’s Gate (nothing Guiness related) on james Street. Don’t rip off Shell Oil though or your screwed.

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