Free Tomorrow Night?




McGarry writes:

“I was wondering if you kind cats could share my friend’s clubnight-  it’s in Thomas House, [‘Dublin’s best dive bar‘], Thomas Street, Dublin 8 and a bit different….there’ll be a bit of  Starsky and Hutch vibe for the night. also the poster is nice and by Salty Philip…thank you.

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14 thoughts on “Free Tomorrow Night?

  1. Freestyle

    My only solace on seeing this exploitative tat is that the girls represented probably wouldn’t touch the scrotes that drink in that place with a bargepole. Dream on.

    1. Ratpaw

      You take solace in the fact that an illustration wouldn’t be sexually attracted to someone who drinks in the Thomas house??

    2. stev

      Scrotes. When did that word become so popular? The only time i’ve ever heard it said outside of the internet by people who don’t like people who live in corpo flats or pre-gentrified parts of town, is on repeats of Porridge.

    1. Salty Philip

      Apologies to anyone who’s delicate sensibilities have been offended by my work. I’m going to assume that all you naysayers (I would call you trolls but then that would be exploitative against trolls and they get enough bad press as it is ) don’t know that the women that will be at this event will in fact be professional Go Go dancers, some of which are friends of mine. To call them “exploited” is an insult to them and the hard work and training they put in to give the public a great show in clubs all over Dublin. This poster does NOT allude to young women being forced to dance to make ends meet. If you want to get angry at suggested nudity in a picture, by all means go a head. But ask yourself this, if it was a topless man in poster and male dancers in the back ground, would you be as affronted? Salty Philip is not a chauvinistic pig by the way, I am in fact a human lady and I was requested by my client to base the poster around the Blaxpoitation film genre because that’s what the night is all about – Soul music, Dancing and most importantly HAVING FUN! It’s this new concept that started a few months ago, perhaps you haven’t heard of it yet? It came in around about the same time as phrase “tongue in cheek”

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