Have You Six Friends?




Ooh, get you.

Would you like to treat them to a slap-up steak supper THIS Saturday?

Read on.

Catherine Keogh writes:

“Sober Lane, a well known establishment in Cork, has opened their Dublin venture in what was JJ Clarke’s pub on the Irishtown Road, Dublin 4. The Supper Club is their newest food offering, (they are already serving tasty bar food and weekend Brunch) and promises to deliver a delicious belly-filling 3-course meal – a steak dinner – without breaking the bank, that you can come down for on any day of the week.. It will run nightly from 6pm – 9pm, in the dining area in Sober Lane D4.  The 3-course set menu for €20 comprises: Starter, Steak with salad, potato side and a sauce; followed by a choice of dessert pot (vegetarian option is available) Full bar and carafes of wine are available.”


To enter for a chance to win dinner for SIX at Sober Lane D4 this Saturday simply complete this sentence.

‘My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are_______________,______________and _____________________’

Lines MUST close at 6pm 6.45pm

Sober Lane D4 (Facebook)

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112 thoughts on “Have You Six Friends?

  1. Steve

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are… Brian O’Driscoll, Dermot Morgan and Tom Crean (aside from what someone mentioned above about his heroism, he was documented as being brilliantly funny as well).

  2. ArtVandelay

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Twink, her ex-husband and the guy that kidnapped her dog

  3. bigfeet

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Dylan Moran for the craic, Nidge for the actual crack and Georgia Salpa for her crack

  4. deirdre

    My top three fantasy Irish supper guests would be…Graham norton , Jennifer Maguire and Bernard o’shea.

  5. Paul McQuillan

    ‘My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Brendan Behan,
    Spike Milligan and Billy Connolly.

  6. fluffybiscuits

    Michael Fassbender – make no mis-steak an eye catching guest, nice to look at and as he talks I could get lost in his eyes

    Johnny Logan – I met him in Copenhagen and he was telling dirty jokes, nicest funniest man you would ever meat (get it!) and thats just for starters (see what I did there!!)

    Fr Peter Mc Verry – an after dinner speaker and after ravishing Michael Fassbender I would like an engaging after dinner speaker, then Johnny can belt out a few tunes to bring an evening to a close.

  7. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish, and more importantly, from Cork, Irish Supper guests are, Billa’Connell, Danny LaRue, and Dr Roy Keane.

    Imagine Roy’s face when the singsong starts…. Bet ye all want an invite now.

    ( best’a luck wi’it Catherine)

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Or yer man from Knightrider. Michael Knight’s boss. My granny knew him from back in the day.

      1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

        Ha! I knew his nephews from when I usta knock around Old Youghal Road.

        Wasn’t he born in Capwell / High Street area?

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          Yup! He was born on Quaker Road according to Wikipedia. My granny was from Nicholas St, which is right next to it.

          1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

            My Nana was from the Marsh originally.
            All that crowd settled around there, Turners Cross, Douglas Street and Tower Street.

  8. Morgang

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish supper guests are Michael O’Leary (he knows his beef as he owns a few cows, he’s well able to talk bull & he has his own taxi to run us all home), Joan Burton (because she is hot . . . sizzlin hot) and Fran – in all an anyways

  9. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Twink, Twink’s dog & Liam Neeson.

    If one goes missing we’ve got the best man for it. If the other goes missing, more pepper sauce for everyone.

  10. pooter

    ‘My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are James Connolly, Patrick Pearse, and Michael Collins. It would be a terribly interesting evening, and at the very least I would find out what on earth Pearse was thinking of with the onions.

  11. realPolithicks

    ‘My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Roy Keane, Bono and Senator Ronan Mullen’

  12. Valerie

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Donal Skehan (because he’s upbeat and easy on the eyes) , Jennifer Maguire (because she’s hilarious and speaks her mind) and John O’Shea (no explanation needed!)

  13. Peter

    ‘My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are David O’Doherty (for the lolz), Eamon Dunphy (for the controversy), and Jim Gavin (to see what he’d be like in a relaxed, no scripted atmosphere).

  14. Jacqui

    Daniel O’Connell (not O’Donnell), Bill O’Herlihy (token Cork person) and Domhnall Gleeson (token hot lad.)

  15. Rory

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Sharon Ní Bheoláin, David Norris, and Shane Ross

    Sharon because…need I say.
    I think that if things were not running smoothly for me and Sharon, David would be a great wingman and he’s very witty.
    Shane Ross is just a fascinating man, his opinions are always insightful and he seems like a nice fellow.

  16. Niamh

    My top three Fantasy Irish Supper Guest are

    Sinead O’ Connor, Linda Martin and Adele King

    Reasons, yes I know ye didn’t ask for reasons but sure look,

    Personally, I think any time these 3 ladies have any kind of an audience be it a pub or a bus stop their going to preform- whether patrons like it or not.

    I’d love to listen to Sinead rant about religion and watch Twink and aul Linda have it out over their dwindling careers. I also think Twink didn’t give out enough about dog nappers in the Dublin area and would love to hear more on how her ex husband is a prick.

    1. Kieran NYC

      I wonder how long it would take for Twink to call Linda a c**t again.

      Probably wouldn’t make it past the starters.

  17. Drinker

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Roy Keane, Brendan Gleeson and Martin McGuinness

  18. Peter P

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Roy Keane, Mick McCarthy and John Delaney…..

  19. James Collery

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are T-Bone Dallas the country and western star, Sir Lion Neeson the greatest Irish actor of all time and Shank McCourt the famous writer.

  20. Aisling

    Like Sober Lane, we’re a group from Cork AND D4 so our guests would have to be the finest from both… Graham Norton, BOD, and our middle of the country all round favourite, Niall Horan. It’s our reunion after two of us left Cork recently so please give us the dinner to relive the fun we had in Sober Lane!

  21. Barry Mc

    Pat Fitz (SL Cork), Georgia Salpa and Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini… that would be some conversation!

  22. Bob Dole

    Top 3 supper guests would be Carl Sagan, Miles van der Rohe & Picasso. For the surreality value of it all :)

  23. LorraineM

    Top 3 supper guests would be Mary Robinson, Oscar Wilde, Rose Dugdale (British Aristocrat turned IRA WAG)

  24. Caroline O RIordam

    My top three ‘fantasy’ irish supper guests would be Tommy Bowe, Des Bishop and Fran!!!!

  25. Ex1Pat

    My 3 guests would be Pierse Doherty, Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald. Far cheaper than a trip to Disneyland.

  26. Jessie

    Sorry! Slight change: ‘My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Michael D, Colm Toibin and David Norris

  27. Domestos

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are:
    1) Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin: got the eye off her on Nassau Street the other day – reckon I could seal the deal over a T-bone.
    2) Harbo: Venue is southside, and I’d report the scandal, OMGs and world domination plans back to the BS massif.
    3) John Michael McDonagh: cos ees Oirish, innit.

  28. Angela Crowley

    my three “fantasy” irish supper guests are: 1) john from JEDWARD (to ensure that there is no awkward silences during the meal) 2) rob Sheehan (as a bit of eye candy and to swoon over whilst eating dessert) and 3) jack gleeson AKA King Joff (incase intelligent conversation is wanted but mainly to find out what all the actors are like on game of thrones)

  29. Paula

    My fantasy dinner guests would have to be The Morbegs (both Molly & Rossa) and Bosco. Classic figures in Irish history.

  30. Emma Forde

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Liam Neeson, Daphne Guinness and Donncha O Callaghan.

  31. Lisa Cashell

    My three “fantasy” Irish supper guests are:

    1. Dolores O’Riordan – talent aside, who didn’t think she was hilarious and great craic on the Voice of Ireland?!

    2. Des Bishop – sure he’s practically from Cork!

    3. Danny O’Reilly from the Coronas – every Irish get together needs as man with a guitar!!

  32. Tara O'Reilly

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Liam Neeson, Chris O’Dowd and Tommy Tiernan

  33. Lush

    I don’t know six people to invite to dinner; so no point in entering.
    Can I have the runner-up award for sad bastards?

  34. Kieran NYC

    ‘My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Sinead O’Connor, Dara O’Briain and Anne Doyle’

    Because Anne fupping Doyle.

  35. Marballs

    My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Amy Huberman (bit of banter), Nidge (bit of grit) and Tommy Bowe (bit of eye candy) !

  36. Bingo

    Tubs, Pat The Plank & Ray D’Arcy.
    I’d blow myself up & remove the most irritating broadcaster from each of our national radio stations from the airwaves.
    Ireland, you’re welcome.

  37. Prunty

    My top 3 Irish fantasy supper guests are Tayto from Into the West for his maverick approach to both child and horse care, Sam Spud – as the confusion in explaining that the guest he keeps throwing dirties at is actually called Tito would make for priceless dinner shenanigans – and finally Vincent Browne to balance out the wackiness of the other two.

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