‘It’s Not Just Point And Shoot’



Sam Boal

Photocall Ireland’s Sam Boal, whose photographs grace Broadsheet on an almost daily basis, has been chosen  to represent Ireland at the World Press Photo Awards exhibition in Custom House Quay Building in the IFSC, Dublin.

Work by RTÉ’s Patricia O’Callaghan and Aisling O’Rourke, of Clare FM is also included in a showcase of new talent

Sam has been with Photocall Ireland since 2011.

Nine photos (above) by Sam have been chosen for the exhibition which launches tonight and continues at CHQ until November 15.

Sez Sam

“With every member of the public possessing high-resolution camera-phones and the continuing debate concerning future news platforms, the place of the press photographer is under pressure as never before. However if you love the job as I do, all this is quickly pushed aside. There’s more to a strong image than just point-and-shoot.”


Young Journalist In The Spotlight (World Press Awards)

World Press Photo Awards Exhibition, Dublin

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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20 thoughts on “‘It’s Not Just Point And Shoot’

          1. Lilly

            It was a genuine question. I don’t know if digital photos are of sufficiently high quality to be reproduced for a newspaper. If KK can’t give a civil answer, he should p*ss off. We can’t all be experts on everything.

  1. jeremy kyle

    The easiest way to become a professional photographer is by putting a watermark on your pictures….

    1. 3stella

      Many professional photos have invisible anti-editing watermarks and web tracking id’s in a response to Silicon Valley “orphan” imaging practice of stripping out your metadata when posted to social media and other sites. The uk is proposing with the urging of various interested web parties a orphan copyright breach law, which if a photo’s ownership is untraceable, a company will be able to be license it, use it or sell it commercially. In the years to come Google, Facebook, instagram etc will be sitting on a gold mine of people’s imagery which will become very valuable as time goes on if ownership is not verified.

      1. Owen

        “invisible anti-editing watermarks and web tracking id’s”

        As a photographer I have never heard of that, how is it at all useful if Facebook just strips all the metadata? Please give more info.

        1. 3stella

          A version of it called digimarc is in every photoshop, you have to pay for the tracking service. the watermark is embedded in the digital signature code of the pic so it survives cropping, tone altering, retouching, resizing and metadata stripping and if your registered your contact and ownership details will always remain in the image.

    1. rotide

      Are you intentionally trolling?

      No offense but that’s the single most douchey thing I’ve read here in a while and that’s saying a lot

        1. Bacchus

          None taken. I’ve only ever seen a tiny minority of photographers produce anything even close to art (of course the same is true in music, writing painting etc) but photographers seem to think they get a ‘pass’ and everything they do should be considered creative. It isn’t. It’s mostly point and click and bloody dull. It’s also a lot easier than learning how to play an instrument, write a novel or paint with real paint. A LOT easier.

          1. rotide

            You should talk to more Actors, Writers, Directors and painters
            I’ve never got that attitude from photographers, certainly no more than from any other artistic path.

            I especially take exception to part about judging an art or craft based on how easy it is to do. What are we, in 1st year NCAD?

  2. Marc

    Do Photocall Ireland pay Broadsheet to post these self promotional items about their photographers exhibitions? (I’m still trying to forget Eamonn Farrell’s soft porn pics). Obviously Broadsheet has some kind of deal going with them as they don’t use any other ‘professional’ news photos but am I the only one who finds it all a bit cringey?

  3. Shockin Blue

    Paula Geraghy passed over again. shame.

    (Image of homeless guy with pigeons under railway bridge outside TCD not pictured.)

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