No Bonus Claims



“I have received correspondence from Ervia, the parent company for Irish Water and Bord Gáis Networks, which reveals that 545 staff shared €3.7m in bonuses in 2013 but there has been a massive jump in bonuses paid out this year.So far in 2014 Ervia has paid €5.1m in bonuses to 940 staff. Are we really expected to believe that this does not include any bonuses being paid to staff at Irish Water? The Taoiseach told the Dáil on October 7th that “no bonuses have been paid to anyone in Irish Water”. Does he stand over that statement today?”

Sean Fleming, Fianna Fail TD

Has Taoiseach Misled The Dail (Fianna Fail)

Previously: “I’m Not Telling Porkies’

Contains Impurities: The Irish Water Timeline

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22 thoughts on “No Bonus Claims

  1. CousinJack

    Very few public servants have been as well reward for very poor performance as John Tierney,
    Dublin CC – fail
    Poolbeg incinerator – fail
    Irish water – fail

    Plus he has been allowed to reward his cronies in failure, formerly of RPS (aka MC O’Sullivan consulting engineers) on at least two occasions

    FG – the party of cronyism

    1. Panty Christ

      I think he had a hand in the spectacularly ordinary transformation of eyre square from no go area at dark to plain no go area

    2. Mé Féin

      In fairness, Irish Water was a Fianna Failure thing. The incompetence setting it up was a public sector thing.

  2. Ray Luna

    The ‘ol throw out an accusation in the form of a question because I can’t fully stand over my facts trick!

    1. jungleman

      You’re a FG shill. I don’t care if I don’t have any proof. I’m certain you are a shill for them.

        1. jungleman

          I don’t support SF, FF or any other party. I voted FG and Labour in the last election. Never again.

          1. Kieran NYC

            Nope, I’ve decided to arbitrarily label you a SF stooge because you said something I don’t like.

          2. jungleman

            I haven’t seen a single comment by Ray Luna on BS that has not been in defence of FG, not one. I only ever see their name pop up on posts where FG are coming in for criticism and Ray Luna always defends FG, promotes FG, spins in favour of FG, or mocks the opposition, no matter how indefensible the act/omission of FG at issue is. A reasonable person can only assume that Ray Luna is a paid shill.

            A quick google search demonstrates this:









            If you’re not bothered looking at all those links, maybe just have a quick look at the last one and tell me that’s not someone reading from a propaganda script.

          3. Ray Luna

            Hands up, you caught me being consistent in my outlook! If I could be bothered I could probably dig up a bunch of your posts to prove your counter consistency but it’s 12.30am and FG don’t pay me that much.

          4. jungleman

            Keeping files? Spare me. As I said, a quick google search was all it took. Ray Luna, I note you didn’t deny it. And yes, you are consistent in your support for all things Fine Gael.

            will-billy, no shame at my end! Just felt it needed to be pointed out.

          5. Gav D

            Fair play to you JM. I’m glad you pulled the links together (stalking or not).
            Its a bit obvious when its all in context like that.

  3. Odis

    2013) 3,745,470 / 545 = 6872 per head

    2014) 5,144,320 / 940 = 5473 per head (so far)

    I see the bonus for 2014 appears to be reduced from a meagre 7K per annum in 2013. To a pittance of 5.5 K in 2014.

    Is this because 2014 isn’t over yet.?

    1. evilivor

      Business Post said last month that Ervia made “transactional” bonus payments up to €75,000 per head to at least 50 high ranking Bord Gáis staff to after Bord Gáis Energy was sold to Centrica for €1.1 billion.

  4. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    so giving away a big slice of Telecom Eireann to staff is great; same with ESB but this is a scandal?

    1. Odis

      Yes, its a scandal. Nothing has really changed, the water is still crap. All that’s happened is that a tier of leeches have been fattened up – courtesy of the householder.
      Charge whatever takes your fancy – pay yourselves what you think you can get away with, Disgusting!

  5. pissedasanewt

    Its not like FF, SF, Labour, FG or anybody else would have done a better job of setting up Irish Water. It was set up by civil servants on the recommendation of civil servants, protecting civil service jobs, using the endless pot of money the civil service can dip into (the country is still borrowing 5 billion a year to run its civil services), so a give away budget is vote buying bullsh1t (that any other party would do by the way) and they will pay themselves bonuses because they are not bonuses, they are increments, entitlements, what ever, written into agreements signed between civil servants and civil servant unions.

    All through the recession, civil servant departments continued with perks, parties and special terms and conditions, because removing them would have had the unions out.. even if its changing the toilet paper from 3 ply to 2 ply..

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