Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?



Sober Lane D4 in Irishtown, Dublin 4

A steak supper for SIX at Sober Lane D4’s new Supper Club tomorrow NIGHT was the prize.

But who had the best fantasy dinner guests?

Runners up (selected by Sober Lane):

Blonto: “My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Peter O’Toole, Richard Harris and Oliver Reed. I’d have to record it all cos you’d be blotto after the starter.”

fluffy biscuits: “Michael Fassbender – make no mis-steak an eye catching guest, nice to look at and as he talks I could get lost in his eyes; Johnny Logan : I met him in Copenhagen and he was telling dirty jokes, nicest funniest man you would ever meat (get it!) and that’s just for starters (see what I did there!!) and Fr Peter McVerry – after ravishing Michael Fassbender I would like an engaging after dinner speaker, then Johnny can belt out a few tunes to bring an evening to a close.”

Paul D: “My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Mrs Brown, Mrs Doyle, and my Mammy.” (Leave them fight over the tip!).”

Paula: “My fantasy dinner guests would have to be The Morbegs (both Molly & Rossa) and Bosco. Classic figures in Irish history.”


Miami Dolphin’s Barn: “My top three ‘fantasy’ Irish Supper guests are Twink, Twink’s dog & Liam Neeson. If one goes missing we’ve got the best man for it. If the other goes missing, more pepper sauce for everyone.”

Thanks all.

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Sober Lane

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  1. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    Ah here! Hopefully this could be the start of some real friendships. Thanks BS. Thanks Sober Lane.

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