Don’t Be Shy



Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin yesterday.

(Thanks Des Lawlor, John in comments)


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This afternoon.

Rob writes:

“Pope’s Quay, Cork. Inside the kerb separating the cycle lane from the roadway…”



Swan Centre, Rathmines, Dublin this afternoon.

Thanks Eleanor 

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Be Shy

  1. Tom Stewart

    “F*** it. That’s grand”

    Why bother putting your car all the way into the space? Giving a f*** about anyone else in the world is overrated.

    1. Stash

      When that car arrived, there was probably an equally considerate vehicle parked across two lanes. What a photo op that would have been!

  2. ahyeah

    Possible that when that person parked, someone else was parked just as badly in the neighboring space – forcing that person to park this way. Happened to me before – when you come back, the other person is gone and it just looks like you parked like a d*** for no reason.

    Given the choice of vehicle, though, probably just a d***.

      1. Disasta

        What’s right about it in this day and age?

        I don’t park beside d***head parkers. Don’t like the idea of them leaving then it’s me who’s the d***.

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