5 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Michael Ribble

    Why on earth was Mairia Cahill a member of SF & writing articles in An Phoblacht as late as 2004??

    Why hasn’t any journalist asked this?

    Why would Adams resign? He doesn’t even feature in her narrative.

    She issued a statement saying she is not prepared to meet Mary Lou until the latter “accepts that everything she is saying is true”. Brilliant starting point!

    She keeps saying she has additional information. Then give it to the police already! Don’t drip feed it to the likes of Peter Robinson like the Indo with the Anglo tapes.

    If she wants justice why doesn’t she go to court? Again. (The accused was aquitted last time: not that you often hear that from the media).

    There’s a fierce bang of her cousin Eilish O’Hanlon’s Shinner-hating Sindo crusade off it all.

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