They See Him Dolan


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He’s such a similar sounding/looking man.

Samuel T Herring, lead singer of US indie band Future Islands and dancing Letterman guest ‘performs’ Joe Dolan’s ballroom belter ‘You’re Such A Good Looking Woman’.

We’re not in Mullingar anymore.

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Thanks Cían Flynn 

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16 thoughts on “They See Him Dolan

    1. Vin

      Shame Damo Rice is still mind-numbingly boring. And even worse to look at now that there’s no Lisa Hannigan to swoon over at live shows.

      1. NICE Anne

        Yeah, it must be a killer for you and your casual sexism that he bored so many people into making his last album go 4 times Platinum in the UK and Gold in the US.

        I am sure your analysis is the sort that keeps him awake at night.

  1. rotide

    Pretty striking similarity alright.

    Once the jig is up with the gimmick screaming, he could have a decent living in a Joe tribute band

    1. pillboxhat

      They’re playing at the start of next month. I’ve got a ticket for the Sunday night gig…. this post may have ruined that gig for me now!

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