Unleash Hell.

Or mild Limbo.

Whatever suits.

President/Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces Higgins and Sabina Higgins with Lt. John Gilligan (top) at Glen of Imaal , Co Wicklow today.

Squee witnessed a Mission Readiness Exercise involving a simulated ambush by UK Vatican  Denis ‘opposition forces’.



G’wan the boots on the ground.

(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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8 thoughts on “At My Signal

  1. Mani

    ‘Thanks to the Presidents insider knowledge we smoked all of the hobbits out of their homes in record time. The land can know be rezoned exclusively for Orc condominiums’.

  2. Rudy Blobbo

    Yes, the scouring of the shire.

    Or a controlled explosion to destroy all Michael D.’s remaining poetry.

  3. Delacaravanio

    Now’s our chance to seize the Isle of Man and rename it the more gender neutral Isle of Person. A real victory for political correctness.

    1. ahjayzis

      I think we’re a little more progressive/ambitious than that my dear Delacaravinio.

      The Isle will be redubbed the ‘Crag of Checkyourprivilege.’

  4. Anne

    “a simulated ambush” Did lil squee get the giggles?

    We had one of those on camp in the middle of the night, with the FCA.
    The loud bang bang from the bb guns woke me up when the ‘enemy’ ambushed our tent site, to which I eh…..did a roll over and went back asleep. My fellow ‘soldiers’ fought off the ambush well…Lots of bang bang all round the place.
    You’re no good to no one without a good night’s sleep is my motto.

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