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 Army Ranger Wing members  in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare


Govt says €10m annual package will improve Defence Forces pay (RTE)

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

The Defence Forces’ elite Ranger Wing; Máirín Ní Ghadhra, of TG4


On TG4’s 7LÁ at 7.35pm.

Broadcaster Máirín Ní Ghadhra will present an item on Ireland’s Defence Forces which will include an interview with Frank Reidy, a former Defence Forces officer.

TG4 writez:

According to former officers from the Irish Defence Forces, soldiers are at a very low ebb and they say that they cannot survive on the wages they are being paid.

The force is also reputedly 650 short of its full complement and the Department of Defence is failing in it’s efforts to recruit new members because of the unsatisfactory working conditions.

The Public Service Pay Commission is due to publish a report soon which will make recommendations to Minister Paschal Donohoe to resolve the issues.

7 Lá (TG4)

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Veterans to use ‘sleeping flags’ to highlight homelessness (Irish Times)

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Members of the Irish Defence Forces training in the Glen of Imaal, Co Wicklow, last month

The Irish Examiner reports:

It has been claimed hundreds of soldiers, sailors and Air Corps staff have spent thousands of euro of their own money to get out of the Defence Forces.

PDFORRA, the organisation which represents staff, says that since January more than 170 personnel have paid as much as €40,000 each to be relieved of their duties.

The association says poor levels of pay is the main reason for members wanting to leave.

PDFORRA: Hundreds of Defence Forces personnel have paid to get out of service over pay rates (Irish Examiner)

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This afternoon.

Outside Leinster House.

Serving and retired members of the Defence Forces, and their supporters, hold a protest calling for better working and pay conditions.

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Pics: Caitleen DesettiBrid Smith and Labour Party and Peader Tobin


The Curragh, County Kildare

The 56th Infantry Group completed the first week of their ‘mission readiness exercise’ in preparation for their forthcoming deployment to the United Nations Disengagement Observation Force (UNDOF) in the Golan Heights in October.

Eamonn writes:

This phase of training is a culmination of three months of intensive preparation for deployment overseas. The Mission Readiness Exercise puts commanders and soldiers through a series of demanding scenarios based on potential threats that may be encountered in the mission area.

Troops secured, extracted and evacuated personnel involved in a complex scenario. The 56th Infantry Group will rotate into the mission area under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Dermot Hanifin. They have a wide range of capabilities including Armoured Force Protection, Patrolling and Mobility, Communications, Medical and Operational Expertise.


Defence Forces / RollingNews.ie







Members of the Defence Forces taking part in a three-day military exercise – called Dark Nights – in Kilworth, Co. Cork.

RTÉ reported the event, which had been planned for several months, as the “largest military exercise in Ireland in recent years”, involving 650 men and women.

It is expected to finish today.

‘Dark Nights’ military exercise under way in Cork (RTE)

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Pics: Michael O’Toole



Unleash Hell.

Or mild Limbo.

Whatever suits.

President/Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces Higgins and Sabina Higgins with Lt. John Gilligan (top) at Glen of Imaal , Co Wicklow today.

Squee witnessed a Mission Readiness Exercise involving a simulated ambush by UK Vatican  Denis ‘opposition forces’.



G’wan the boots on the ground.

(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)