18 thoughts on “Lost Cats, Careless Women And Me

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      Old women are vile to behold.
      They’re creepy and needy and cold.
      “Unhand me!” I’m hissing
      When their kitties go missing.
      (I’ve redefined 40 as old.)

  1. Kevin Barrington

    BTW if anyone is interested, here’s the original.

    It was recorded deep into a year’s interferon treatment over a year ago.
    It’s a nasty drug.
    Chemo like.
    But with added psycho dimensions.
    And serious chemical depression.
    Thankfully new treatments with greater efficacy and less of the harrowing side effects are coming on stream. Making that interferon/ribivarin shit seem like very primitive crude medical history.
    On the subject of crude history, a few people took objection to this when it first came out.
    And yeah the word ‘misogyny’ appeared.
    Of predictable course.
    It worried me a little..
    Cos misogyny is not really what you wanna be.
    I kinda like women.
    So minimising the potential for the misogyny accusation.
    And also the potential for the whole show to be seen as psychiatric were foremost on my mind.
    So with Conor’s direction, Richard Donnelly’s photography and Steve Kingston’s art direction, we managed to up the comic out-take a little compared to the original
    KIngston’s art direction really helped.
    All those posters.
    At first I thought it was too much.
    Then I thought fupp it, it would make a good counter-balance.
    Anything that tamed the psychiatric hues was good.
    And highlighting absurd terror, I hoped, took attention away misogynistic reading.
    Anyhow I am very happy with what the guys did.
    A friend of Conor’s aptly described it as ‘odd as a bag of cats.’
    Enuf guff.
    Outta me.

  2. pippakin

    Cats, to some people they conjure aging spinsters, balls of wool and mind where you put your feet. Terrifying

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