16 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Lisa

    BOD’s autobiography sounds deeply boring. I’ve just read an exclusive (?) about how this one time he was in LA. With a friend. BOD agreed to change the day of his flight home to go out with Colin Farrell. Then Colin could not go out. And Brian was …*chooses from list of pre-agreed adjectives for book* … sad.

    1. Caroline

      Ah yeah but it’s the BOD though. Dricklo. The BOD-ee. Bodbodalina. Mr Let’s-Get-Drizzicoll. El Brianero. He’s a top bloke at the top of his top bloke game. How dare you, in retrospect.

  2. banned of censored

    What Park is that in the Herald?! Font fancy buying that rag to find out if people I know are safe

  3. cluster

    Further attempts to smear SF.

    I have never voted SF and until recently never would. Getting a bit tired of the partisan reporting in British & Irish media though.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Unless I’m missing it, I can only see SF on the front of the Indo, and that’s hardly surprising. There is a gleeful rush to do them down, but just because it suits the establishment agenda doesn’t mean this stuff shouldn’t be reported or that it’s a smear campaign.

  4. Bingo Slimz

    “Kate is radiant after 7 weeks of morning sickness.” – Ladies and gentlemen, The Irish Daily Mail.

    1. Ms Piggy

      I read that three times before I was convinced it really did say that. They really are quite special.

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