17 thoughts on “Taxi Vs Luas

  1. Justin Disminute

    There’s enough footage there for 12 minutes of Motorway Patrol. (Including two ad breaks obviously)

    1. Colin

      You think Dublin has bad air? Stick your head into Beijing or New York on a bad day. Then start complaining.

        1. Alfred E. Neumann

          You think being a mole is bad? Try catching one of your nuts in a fold of your corduroy trousers. Living underground would at least muffle the squeals.

      1. Wayne Carr

        I’m more worried about the morons driving taxis/mercs/beemers crashing into the luas on a daily basis. The air comment was merely populism of the worst kind, in that it wasn’t really something that would be popular with the great unwashed.

    1. SB

      Au contraire – there was a joker on Sunday who attempted to drive a car over the Green Line Luas bridge at the Leopardstown Roundabout from the Industrial Estate side, just about “here. Had got stuck after about 20 metres, GardaĆ­ were in attendance and a Luas stopped on the bridge. I was driving at the time so couldn’t take a photo, but was an unusual sight. Didn’t hear mention of it anywhere else.

      1. ZeligIsJaded

        Still though, I’d say those twenty minutes were an oasis of calm with all the lovely people aboard.

        You wouldn’t get that kind of thing on the red line

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