Free Tonight?



Stoneybatter Against The Water Tax writes:

TONIGHT at 8.15pm in the Parish Hall on Prussia Street there will be a public meeting to to hear information about how the charges are being imposed, discuss tactics to beat the tax, and plan campaign activities. We will also hear about the successful campaign to beat the tax in Dublin in the 1990s. So why not get involved and help your community to beat the water tax and keep public water in public hands…


Via Stoneybatter Against The Water Tax (Facebook) 

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15 thoughts on “Free Tonight?

  1. Am I Still on this Island.

    Sounds good. Let’s defeat this regressive tax and the cretins who support it.

    1. Jock

      That’s the beauty of it. Finally a regressive tax that has the benefit of changing our behavior and reducing the cost of water treatment. Dole wasters would love it to come from extorionate income taxes.

  2. The Insight

    Oh dear Lord. Where are Fr. Ted and Dougal when you need them? Down with this sort of thing. Careful now.

  3. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    I’m organising a protest against the 11% USC for self employed people who keep this bloody country going? Will you give that a mention too, or just the pajama friendly causes?

    1. dylad

      What about the drones who work for multinationals? I would like to organise something for us but am too busy.

  4. Freia

    Come on, let’s get the ball rolling on selling what may well be our biggest cash export! Let’s give it away! jesus, the narrow-minded twits on here who think they’re great because they have a job. Great, well done, you’re a great bunch of lads; the only ones who didn’t jump on the unemployment/emigration boom that the rest of us have grabbed with two hands.

  5. Frenchfarmer

    I live in France and we have a water meter.
    The charge is reasonable and the water supply belongs to the commune ( Bit like a Parish but we have a mayor and a council for less than 500 people.) and the meters are there to make sure that each property pays its share of the cost. There’s a sewer system in the village so those who are connected to it pay for that according to their water input and us our in the country have to pay for our own septic tank etc.
    It works really well and the Council are our neighbours and when you vote you can score someone off a list and vote for someone else even if they haven’t put themselves up for it.
    The problem you have is that you are being steamrollerd into a set up deal that makes you responsible for all the pipework on your property no matter how badly it was installed by the previous crew.

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