He Thinks This Song Is About Him



Don’tchu, don’tchu.


Melanie O’Connor sez:

“Niall Brady’s fiancée, Rachel, decides to play a little trick on her husband-to-be (a huge fan of comic Fred Cooke) at the Vodafone Comedy Festival. They did go on to get married and are currently on honeymoon…”

The Fear, RTÉ2 Monday, 27th October at 10.30pm

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17 thoughts on “He Thinks This Song Is About Him

  1. ShmokesaShmoke

    this was on two / three weeks ago no?

    Felt sorry for the lad, he looked like he really didn’t want to be there haha

      1. Honey Pooh Pooh

        I read somewhere that Bernard O’Shea has kept every joke from every christmas cracker ever opened

  2. Sheila

    Man. So could have been me and de hubby*

    We were at Vodafone Comedy Festival. We’ve been married since. AND we are on honeymoon, right now.

    *So glad it’s not us on the fear. And now you know our news (whether you wanted to or not). Yay for nice weather abroad.

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