The Fear Of Commitment


the fear

Fred Cooke gatecrashes a wedding proposal at the Electric Picnic with flamboyantly outrageous consequences on controversial hidden camera show The Fear.

Melanie O Connor writes:

“The Fear returns to television screens tonight on RTÉ 2 at 10.30pm. This season will see the return of some familiar favourites including Irinka The Russian Streetwalker who has lost her pussy(cat), The Nun and Jimmy the most annoying man in Ireland. This series will see the introduction of an assortment of new characters including Naomi the poshest English woman in Ireland and Sergeant Major who questions what the Irish public are made of…”


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19 thoughts on “The Fear Of Commitment

  1. KirkenBrenner

    Why bother writing comedy anymore?
    Because with hidden cameras, the comedy writes itself!!!!!

    Now excuse me while I hang myself.

  2. Don Pidgeoni

    1: Was the proposer involved? Do they love big camp numbers or was this a stereotypical gays love the musicals thing? Because if the latter – cringemageddon
    2. Congrats!!!

  3. munkifisht

    The awful thing is people put time and effort into this and really really hopped it’d be great, but there’s simply nothing redeeming about what we’re seeing. Another example of poor commissioning choices from RTÉ trying desperately to connect with a youth market they just don’t understand, but actually nothing new there, except for a few slip ups here and there RTÉ have done a seller job in not really understanding anyone under the age of 50 for decades. I mean, actually, who’s this meant for. On the plus side, the whole thing does have a grand unifying theme, the set-up, the singing, the “comedy” (not sure where the funny side was) etc all amazingly cringey.

  4. Quint

    What, exactly, is the point of this? Utterly unfunny, cringeworthy and deeply uncomfortable viewing. I bet the two guys are regretting it now.

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