26 thoughts on “The Self Portraits Of Liu Susiraja

  1. Joe Malone

    celebrating being obese and not caring what anyone thinks? Maybe she would start caring if her obesity related medical bills were handed to her to pay all on her own – coz the rest of her Finnish citizens “don’t care” either!

    1. nellyb

      Oh these bloody communist Finns, if only they dumped “undeserving” ones out of the hospitals. And stop being so Catholic in caring for everyone.

      1. ahyeah

        There’s your mistake right there, Mani. A healthy, solid relationship cannot be based on deviance alone.

  2. Mr. T.

    People who let themselves go often pretend they don’t care but they do care. They’re too lazy to bother.

  3. Zarathustra

    Meh. That’s nothing, I can hang CDs off my nipples when the heating isn’t on.
    P.S. Yes, my boyfriend is easily amused.

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