Good Old Cork


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Peig Naysayers.

Patrick Street this afternoon.

(Thanks John Gallen)






Limerick City, this afternoon.

Via Michael BrophyLimerick Voice and Jason McCutcheon


Balbriggan, Co Dublin this afternoon.

Via Alan Lawes


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30 thoughts on “Good Old Cork

  1. Jock

    A €300 annual charge for water and we have all this fuss. Some changes to prsi and usc cost me well over a grand soke budgets. Where were the protests for this?

    1. Tom

      well, get out and protest then. Start spending time organising and getting people energised and after a few months or more of hard work, you might get something like this. Go for it, I believe in you!

        1. Odis

          I know – I know Jock – Its just €300 at the end of the day. You would wonder why it would bother anyone, in fairness.

          But there’s a new breed of I-phone commie out there, playing to the malcontents in the community.

          1. f_lawless

            you’re betraying more about yourself than anything else by that comment. €300 – or whatever is- might be small change to you, but to a lot of families struggling to make ends meet it represents the “straw that broke the camel’s back”..and, in my view only someone with a willfully skewed view of the matter could see the charge as anything other than utterly unjust, a direct consequence of the egregious bailout of unsecured bondholders

          2. Odis

            Yeah it did.

            I was going to add that it was only two weeks “jobseekers” with change left over for a slab of strong ale but that seemed a bit blatant.

    2. Jimmy 2 tones

      Profit should never be made from water. They will sell it & then you will understand. Open your eyes people.

    3. munkifisht

      Ah f**k off you dope. Complaining about people protesting because they weren’t protesting. Muppet.

  2. TheSmallFella

    When this age group protest the game is up for their opponents. Well done folks, keep it up next week and ignore the torrent of excuses which will flow unmetered from Enda and Joan’s lads and lassies as they realise the game is up

  3. Disasta

    Moan about paying for water but do sweet FA about paying debts that our not ours?

    I don’t agree with the way Irish Water is run but still. Government is corrupt, it’s always been the same.

  4. Sam

    Protest in Limerick was fairly large. I saw the front of it reach the lights at Roches Street before the back of it passed Cruises Street. Probably 8,000 or so people.

    How many in Cork?

    1. Tom Stewart

      I was in attendance, but don’t have any official figures. What I can tell you though was that at one point, the march extended most of the length of Patrick’s St. (main street in Cork City, which is quite long).

      There were actually fecking loads of people there.

  5. Sidewinder


    Cork born and bred here. I didn’t say no, I didn’t vote for you, you don’t represent the whole county.

    What you meant to write was “SOME OF Cork says no”


  6. Anne

    I imagine a lot of people just cannot afford this charge.. not to mind the ones who would be very stretched to pay it. What’s the outcome of it all going to be? Tens of thousands before the courts?

    1. Tom Stewart

      I personally can afford to pay it, but I will not. I was at the Cork one. The general feeling I got was that the majority of people there were not like me: they’re at breaking point and just can’t pay.

    1. bisted

      …Rob…Jock…what’s with the young Fine Gaelers and the Scottish names. Are they just back from secondment to the Scottish referendum and forgot to change their nom de geurres.

  7. Tom Stewart

    The attitude of a lot of people on this thread is “Shure it’s only a bit more, why are you making such a fuss?”.

    Maybe people are making a fuss because enough is enough? And water is much more protestable than an increase to the USC.

    1. Odis

      There’s that Poll Tax thing about it. ‘Round about €300, whether you live in Blackrock or a council estate in Longford.

      Also I guess if you are the typical FG politician – well who doesn’t have €300, lying around, to pay for a “world class water service” and a brand new tier of entitled parasites.
      (Pink Lady Apples money).

  8. Niallo

    Hmm, have to ask myself, is this all a ruse ?
    I mean, anounce an outrageous water charge scheme, then enda and the lads can jump in and “save the day” by forcing the bad men at irish water to lay off the povs.
    Yknow, put a flat charge (or rate, if you will) for a couple of years (or until after the general election) alowing irish water sort their act out.
    Then they can jack the price up whatever way they like.
    Could be a great wee vote earner that…

    You see if i’m wrong.

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