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    1. Speakeasy

      It’s always that price,
      Not just for jazz weekend. Only way to get it cheaper is if you plan it all way ahead and book online. Or free if you’re over 65. Cheaper for me to drive if there’s some last minute reason to go.

      1. Sidewinder

        It doesn’t have to be way ahead. I’ve seen single tickets priced at about €35 when booking about two days beforehand. Heuston and Cork even put up signs explaining that the Jazz weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for them.

        1. Speakeasy

          Jazz weekend still doesn’t have a different price for train fares so you’re still wrong. And two days is way ahead if you have unexpected work to do in Dublin and live in cork.

    1. munkifisht

      No, it’s not misleading. It states clearly that the best price is €14.99. “From” is in the second largest font on the poster.

      1. WellDoneSir


        I don’t see what his issue is, it’s not like the poster is saying all fares are that price. It’s pretty clear and obvious. It is in no way misleading.

        If this guy just rocked up to the station and bought the ticket on the day of course it’ll be more expensive. Book online at least a week in advance and you get really good train fares.

        I’ve regularly been able to get €19.99 single journey tickets from Heuston to Cork.

      2. Rob

        No Der is right. And anyone who publishes an ad should be forced to give out free dictionaries to anyone who might see that ad. it is preposterous that someone might have to understand fancypants words like “from” and “to”.

        As a matter of interest, do Irish Rail tell you to book in advance to get the cheapest fares, in the section of the poster which you didn’t photograph?

  1. Will O'Connell

    No they don’t actually tell you to book online for the cheapest fares on that advert and I did photograph all of the poster. I’m not really giving out, honestly! I saw the price before I paids me money. I just think it’s quite steep and I’d likely get the Aircoach instead next time! I understand they have to maximise their profits and I did take the train at the last minute but still ‘n all, yikes! Anyway I’m having a grand ol’ time here on the free wifi and looking forward to being over-65 and getting my money back by taking this train every day.

    1. Ciarán

      50€ on a weekend for a 2+ hours journey on a modern train is not steep.

      Hell, come over to the continent and get a train. I did Paris – Frankfurt last week (4hrs on TGV) on a Sunday evening and it was €99 (single journey, booked online about 3/4 days before).

      So about the same rate. Granted TGV a bit more comfortable, but as a trade-off it had no free wifi.

      1. Speakeasy

        It’s €63.70, don’t try to play it down by saying it’s €50. Even 50 is outrageous for such a short distance. All we are doing is subsidising the staff.

    1. Speakeasy

      Because it’s relevant to people who don’t live close to Dublin and it is a ridiculous fare.

  2. Disasta

    Public transport here is crap and overpriced yet people keep complaining like its something new.

    Then other dribblers compare it to England and say well it’s that price there so it’s not that bad. Despite the fact that England is known to be overpriced.

  3. JJ Finn

    Bus Eireann Go Bus all the way. €13, wifi, plugs for charging, on board toilet. City to City in three hours.

      1. Tom Stewart

        And depending on when you book, and the time of day you want to travel, it can also cost €22/€21/€20.

  4. Blah

    +1 for Aircoach to Cork, Gobus to Galway etc. Private bus companies do a fantastic job there for about 20 yoyos.

    1. deliverancecountry

      Tax, insurance, NCT, tyres, maintenance and depreciation of vehicle not factored in. The jazz is great though, have a lovely time!

      1. Soundings

        Too true, but using the AA Ireland cost of motoring (which includes a cheeky €149 a year subscription to AA), the cost per km for running a car depends on mileage and car tax band,


        What’s typical? Band C at 24,000 km/year is 49c/km.

        One way Dublin to Cork is 250km at 0.49 is around €125 for a car that could presumably take four in comfort.

        In a packed carriage, should the cost really be €63.70?

  5. DaithiG

    The missus and I had to take the train from Cork to Dublin to catch a flight a few years back, it was only €10pp if we got the first train out in the morning, which I purchased online.

    Since the train leaves Cork for Dublin on the half hour all throughout the day I figured getting to the station by 5.20 would be fine, but the taxi was late so I had him run red lights and speed across the city to make it.

    But, for some reason, the first train out of Kent to Dublin leaves at 5.05 not 5.30. I felt like a complete gobsh*te for messing up the times. But I felt even worse when I had to hand over about €120 for the 6.30 train so we could make our flight, especially since we were just sitting there at the train station stewing in our financial loss.

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