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Temple Bar, Dublin this afternoon.

Further to buskergate.

Jim Ricks asks:

“Why is 1/2 of Temple Bar used as seating by private businesses?”


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45 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Am I Still on this Island?

    They lease the space from the Corpo. It’s sad, but that’s privatisation of public space for ya.

    1. ahjayzis

      What would be better? A nice place to eat / have a pint on a sunny day or an empty stretch of paving?

      I mean what’s the alternative, a publically owned cafe opening up? What’s the ‘public’ alternative and what is wrong with outdoor seating?

    2. ZeligIsJaded

      The answer is ‘it doesn’t matter’ because real people should never ever be in Templebar

  2. ahjayzis

    Why the fliuch not?

    Would an empty stretch of paving be an improvement? I love a bit of al-fresco dining/boozing when the mood/weather strikes.

    You’d really hate Venice / any city on the continent. More of this I say!

    Besides, you need planning and you pay a rate for it.

  3. Panty Christ

    Supplementary question: why is there a methadone clinic in the middle of temple bar/tourist trap too?

      1. ahjayzis

        They should be distributed around the suburbs where the addicts actually live – not concentrated, as they are, by design, in the heart of the city centre, where coincidentally enough, dealers are having a field day.

  4. Bejayziz

    Maybe they should focus on tackling and abating the problem of aggressive begging around there…a city wide problem at this stage

    1. munkifisht

      YEA! Bigger problems in the world, in fact screw it, DCC should be focused on the middle east, sort that out. Issues should be tackled in order of their size and focused solely on until they are solved.

  5. Banotti

    You could ask the equally stupid question, why is so much of our city given over to private businesses. Businesses pay huge rates for whatever space they use. People generally see private business as a good thing.

  6. Sainbaeno

    Overheard a few weeks ago in Temple Bar around 3pm on a Thursday: Garda approaches homeless (I’m assuming) woman staggering along drinking a can and carrying a bag of cans. ‘Do ya want me to take dem cans off ya? Well, do ya?’ ‘No’ ‘Well you’d better bring them back across to the north side so’

  7. rob

    What a stupid question? The cafes down there rent the space and pay significant rates for the privilege. And besides, if the seating wasn’t there, the place would be full of knackers drinking cans of Druids, I used to work down there, the seating has definitely improved it, it used to be a warzone

  8. Tom Stewart

    Steady on Broadsheet. This guy was concerned that private business were encroaching too far into what he viewed as public space. It wasn’t a stupid question.

    1. Tom Stewart

      He knows much more about it now thanks to Broadsheet’s denizens.

      The clever man asks a question. The fool will ever wonder.

  9. Louis Lefronde

    Templebar was cool for a couple of months circa 1991, before the useless State intervened and turned it over to a gang of developers and publicans.

    It’s embarrassing to see it mentioned in the Tourists Guides as ‘a place to go!’

    1. Trishadem

      I agree with you 100%. Temple Bar in general is not a place I chose to frequent unless I absolutely have to, but I was shocked to see the amount of space that’s being taken up by private businesses in the supposedly called public space when I passed through it recently. I also find it embarrassing to see Temple Bar mentioned as a tourist attraction. To add insult to injury I now hear there is a plan to remove cobblestones from some of the streets in Temple Bar thus wiping out any remaining pretence that this is an area with a unique character or any sort of historical interest.

      1. Roj

        If they do this (remove the cobblestones from some streets) I really will have lost all faith in humanity.

          1. MickeyBubbles

            Leave the cobbles in. Insist the Love Ulster parade licence is subject to marchers wearing heels .

        1. Temple Bar Denizen

          Well, the cobblestones only got put down in the 90’s. Don’t expect anything decent to happen here, it’s a great money pit for tourist cash and that’s all there is to it. It is better than when it was mostly given over to glue-sniffing and roguery, but it’s hackneyed and overpriced. There’s a product being done here – cheap diddly-idle music supplemented by high price food and alcohol, aimed at transient moneyed crowds in spending form. And all the evidence suggests they love it.

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