Betrayer To The Highest Bidder



For What Died The Sons of Róisín by Luke Kelly

Darragh Byrne writes:

Save Kilkenny protestors this summer were used as practice by Gardai for Water Charge Protests. A complete over reaction whereby twice daily at 9 and 3 o’clock sometimes as many as 50 police helped escort materials to build an unwanted bridge in Kilkenny. Sometimes as little as only a dozen or so protestors were present to face down this onslaught- most of them women – many elderly. The local authority were present when gardai removed protestors from the site in September. Fund raising still continues to help Legal Actions at the moment in the High Court.

Music by Max Richter

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28 thoughts on “Betrayer To The Highest Bidder

  1. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    So if you’re an old woman you can stop people going about their lawful business?

    Unwanted – by a vocal minority with nothing better to do.

  2. Happy Molloy

    for what died the sons of Roisin, was it greed?

    greed is not wanting to pay your way, greed is not wanting to see progress because you don’t like change

    shocking wet day today though

    1. offMooof

      3 trolls in a row. These FG trolls roll out the same tactics every time, not paying their way. I was in forfas a year before the crash, we were at 1% unemployment. Thats who doesn’t want to work or pay their way and wants to squeeze the middle 1% everyone else wants to work.
      ‘A vocal minority’ – ah lads yis can’t rebrand the enitre working class as underclass hoping the middle won’t notcie their standard of living and security is starting to look decidely working class these days. Same with ‘Some people’ or ‘right thinking people’ not like those damn others. That underclass which appeared pretty quick.

      Stop that.

    2. Medium Sized C

      ” greed is not wanting to see progress because you don’t like change”

      Am I missing a joke?

  3. Mikeyfex

    To be fair, one on the protesters only had a probably with the bridge gate, which he wanted reviewed. That seems fine.

  4. Darragh Byrne

    A poll in local paper with 90 percent of people agains it and a petition containing 9,000 signatures along the several politicians who lost their seats in local election would point to the bridge being ‘unwanted’. As for the protestors having nothing better to do- most people on protest were professional not unemployed as was implied by biased local media (who wanted to sell adverts to County Council). The by-election in Kilkenny for Phil hogan’s seat will be dominated by this issue as the local authority comes under fire for it’s treatment of it’s citizens and the building of this undemocratic bridge.

  5. everybody

    This video does not do any favors to the campaign…..

    It is generally agreed that nobody in Kilkenny wants this bridge except the people who have made their career out of making it happen….

  6. Clampers Outside!

    “Save Kilkenny protestors this summer were used as practice by Gardai for Water Charge Protests.”

    Yeah, and in tomorrows’ conspiracy theory of the day, we’ll be looking at whether Enda really has a lizards tail between his legs and how this affects the price of pork in Turkmenistan.

  7. Jrgorg

    Vocal minority? That sounds familiar. Adrain Shenanigans I presume! As usual the people who do nothing have nothing to add. No facts, just uninformed opinion. The majority of people who have an educated opinion on this bridge think it’s wrong on many levels. It’s just a shame that so few felt compelled to take to the streets. Fair play to all those who did. This bridge to nowhere will be going nowhere.

    1. offMooof

      Those vocal scroungers if only they would get jobs like right thinking people. Well done Kilkenny its unbelievable that Enda thought we’d just accept the smooth transition from democracy to police state. Completely underestimated the stubbornness of Coolock while hitting every cultural nerve, governments already fallen we’re just waiting for them to realise.

  8. Margaret O' Brien

    ‘Vocal Minority’…..I notice increasingly that people are ‘the minority’ when they are vocal, when they are quiet the same people are ‘the silent majority’……funny that……

  9. Paps

    Don’t see what the policing of the water charges had to do with anything.
    The only commonality they have are people preventing others from lawfully doing their work and a massive wasting of gardai resources through this action. You’re not only wasting your own time with these “protests” but AGS time aswell..

  10. aretheymyfeet

    Lots of people commenting here who clearly know nothing of this disgraceful bridge plan/construction. I’m from Kilkenny but live and work in Dublin now so couldn’t join them but they were brilliant. All summer, they spent their days and nights protesting this bridge which is completely counter to the mediaeval character of Kilkenny, said character being a key part of the town’s tourism industry which employs many Kilkenny people. The bridge is just another example of the short sighted nature of our political decisions. Fair play to the protestors. Make your voices heard when it comes to the by-election to choose Phil Hogans successor.

  11. leesider

    Is the bridge part of a bypass for KK? Surely it could have been constructed without so much trouble? Does it knock some medieval buildings?

  12. smoothlikemurphys

    “Sometimes as little as only a dozen or so protestors were present to face down this onslaught- most of them women”

    If it’s a ‘peaceful protest’ then what does it matter if they are male or female?

    1. Darragh Byrne

      Fair point. I shouldn’t have mentioned they were women. I probably should have left it at elderly. It just something that still horrifies me that I knew that some of them were pregnant and many had brought small children. These were respectable people – many of them involved in community groups and Tidy Towns committee for decades in Kilkenny. Most of them had never been in a protest in their life. I suppose it isn’t really connected to Irish Water either but it is just when I watch videos online of Irish Water protest it seems the identical tactics are used. The fact that the police first came in huge numbers the day after the protestors had marched through town in Phil Hogan masks is completely coincidental as well. I apologize for any sexism or conspiracy theories.

  13. Gladys Bowles

    I been one of the Protester on the Bridge would do it all again in a heart beat , Executives trying to force a 30 year plan is enough to say that Kilkenny DO NOT WANT this fly over type Bridge Finish the ring road and be done with it , i can,t wait for the by election ,In fact any other election if it was not right 30 years ago it,s not right now

        1. Darragh Byrne

          Well said Gladys. It will be wrong in another 30 years too. Finish the Ring Road first. I was proud to protest with you all summer. Here’s hoping there is a big turn out this weekend against Water Charges and we will get the right result in High Court.

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