11 thoughts on “Word On The Street

    1. Parky Mark

      It’s not that bizarre really as it happens a lot. There are a number of churches that operate here in Ireland that pretend they offer rehabilitation to drug users. Victory Outreach being one of them. Many users before the courts are faced with a choice of prison or rehab so they choose rehab. The are then forced to live in these group houses, have to give up all their social welfare entitlements and the only rehab they get is praying to the lord in this so called bizarre fashion. They are also forced to collect money on behalf of the church. Most of this money goes to fund lavish lifestyles of the church pastors.

  1. nero

    Debut Love Hate acting part,debut download and viral bus video clip in one week,nah? Bus busker a Tommy KD double to give the impression of a clever marketing campaign?.No again.Who is the bus busker? Defo not the same man. Still tho’ better belting out a song than belting fellow passengers.

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