A Hurl At Bedtime




For the illuminati member GAA fan in your life who has everything.

Rory Callan writes:

I am from a Louth based company that sells high quality almost life size wall graphics of GAA Rugby and football players. We also sell custom made large scale crests and team photos to clubs around the country. They are made from PhotoTex, the best wall graphic material in the world. It can be stuck on, removed and hung again over 100 times without marking the wall. Browse around the of the site to see the whole range of graphics available. They are perfect for decorating rooms, offices, pubs or gyms. We have secured the agreement of each player and the GAA and GPA to produce and sell these graphics….

Irish Made Stocking Fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Stocking Fillers’. No fee just a nuzzle.


We have ONE large scale GAA wall graphic of your choice to giveaway. Name the posters boys and woman (above) and give ONE reason why each deserve to be pin ups.

Lines MUST close at 3pm 6.15pm

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14 thoughts on “A Hurl At Bedtime

  1. EGW

    I’ll play.

    Seamus Callanan, David Moran and Caroline O’ Hanlon. Reason – maybe they’d motivate me to get up off my lazy arse once in a while.

  2. chris

    Seamus Callanan, David Moran and Caroline O’ Hanlon. Reason : Having a big Mayo man standing guard would ward off any burglars !

  3. Kieran NYC

    “perfect for decorating rooms, offices, pubs or gyms”

    I don’t think I could hack the kind of office that would have these on a wall.

  4. fast-forward

    Top is David Moran, who after returning from two acl injuries and two years out of the game won his place back in the Kerry team mid-season this year before going on to win an All-Ireland Medal and an All-Star, an outstanding role model for determination and persistence.

    Next is Seamus Callanan, who despite being written off by the press as past his prime (he’s only 25) finished the year as top scorer in the Championship 9 goals and 50 points.

    Lastly Caroline O’Hanlon Armagh ladies captain who scored a penalty in their Ulster final victory over Monaghan, their first Ulster title in seven years.

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