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Entertainment choices that should appeal to viewers of Love/Hate.

According to YouGov, the world’s largest ‘opinion database’.

Carolos the Demographic writes:

“Hat tip to David O’Doherty for tipping me off to this website last night –  Love /Hate viewers love the movie Moonstruck? Is it a compound words thing? I don’t understand these statistics!! Their shiny website entices me to believe but my brain says it’s nonsense…Hellp!


Love/Hate Viewer Profile (YouGov)


janet and trish


At a library by the looks of it with the help of a stylist and a crack professional photographer.

‘Nidgella’ writes:

“[RTÉ 1 drama Love/Hate character] Nidge’s women? How about they are women and characters in their in their own right not just a gangster’s chattel, pesky sleb mag. Saying that they do look very nice.”