Take Your Hate Elsewhere



If you don’t mind

A rally against the recent attacks on Roma families in Waterford City involving speakers from all corners of city life including local methodist minister Dr Sahr Yambasu (top)

Via Union of Students in Ireland (USI)

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15 thoughts on “Take Your Hate Elsewhere

  1. Dónal O'Flynn

    Great to see this video.

    Sadly the national media coverage has largely ignored the concerns of the ordinary decent people of Waterford. There is consistent crime being committed by certain members of the Roma community in Waterford. The local people are frustrated and feel that not enough is being done about it. Naturally they are angry about other crime too, but there is a specific, persistent problem in relation to these individuals who just happen to be Roma. It’s not racist to object to the actions of a criminal gang.

    Sadly some unthinking locals took the wrong action entirely by mounting a horrendous public protest. That most definitely WAS racist and the video shows a rally held in response to it.

      1. Dónal O'Flynn

        I don’t personally know anything specific but I know people that I trust who do who always report it. I’m just making a case on behalf of the general public in Waterford all of who have been tarred with the same brush as those who took part in a racist protest.

      1. Dónal O'Flynn

        That is my perception and opinion. I don’t have facts to hand on specific cases other than to say that I have been approached by Roma beggars on a regular basis and have seen people being intimidated when they politely refused to give money.

        I am aware of a number of other cases but I don’t wish to engage in hearsay.

      2. Dónal O'Flynn

        I didn’t engage in hearsay for 100 words.

        I first praised the video.
        Next I criticised poorly researched media reports.
        I then said what I and others on the ground in Waterford believe to be true of the situation.
        I don’t have solid facts to back it up, but its true in my experience and in that of local retailers.
        I am confident that if figures on reports of crime were disclosed they would back up the argument.
        Lastly I expressed the opinion that those present at the protest on the Roma household are racist.

        If that’s hearsay then I’m very sorry for not doing better research, but this is a blog comment not an academic essay. Go look up the figures yourself.

  2. tomkildare

    Its a disgrace the people of waterford stand up to foreign national whose culture is to rob, beg, prostitute. That is their culture and you must respect there culture. Even that they are being a drain and somtimes being pests, its not there fault as its their culture and the good people of waterford should be more tolerant.

  3. Mr. T.

    Funny isn’t it now we’re all rightly horrified by these racist protests but we think nothing of open hostility towards Travellers and people in council flats.

    1. rotide

      I was just thinking while watching the video, Could they not have got a non-tracksuit wearing , less scrote looking Roma as a spokesman. If this was an anti water charge video, he’d be crucified.

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