Lost Your Sheepdog?


RV432 r123 060808


Wears a scarf?

He/she’s in the driver’s cabin.

Veronica Walsh writes:

Anyone looking for their black and white sheep dog (scarf on collar)? There’s a lost and frightened dog that hopped on the 123 bus [like one above) at 5.50pm this evening on Dame Street [Dublin]. Driver lifted him/her out 3 times and she/he just kept getting back on and lying down inside at back of bus. Dog now in cabin with driver doing 123 route! Probably startled by fireworks..Contact Dublin Bus to get hold of the driver.

Pic: Dublin Bus



Owner and ‘Lemmy’ (above on Saturday morning) were reunited at Summerhill bus depot last night. Thanks all.

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24 thoughts on “Lost Your Sheepdog?

  1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Poor baba,

    Those fireworks n bangers have them demented.
    Human voices helps. I always leave the tellies and radios on this time of year.

    At least the driver knew what t’ do.

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