13 thoughts on “The Horror

  1. Skitbra

    They had one there last night. Smoldering this morning driving by into work.

    Maybe it was a practice one for tonight!

  2. isintheair

    There’s always a bonfire there, that’s Pimlico.
    The kids better hurry up and knock on my door, I’m sucking sour worms and other sweets that should be for them.

  3. Franco

    Halloween is fun. Some of my best childhood memories involve building bonfires, buying bangers and fireworks in town and having mighty craic on this night.

    I was blissfully unaware of the classist bias of the media. Weren’t many comment sections of liberal websites around then either.

    It is great to be middle class though. Fair play…in fairness

    1. John Gallen

      It’s more to do with the fact of where the bonfires are…city centre.

      That spot pictured above had bonfires cancelled for a good few years and I’d be surprised if it’s lit. Also, good money and an ‘arts in the community’ project through Create Ireland (http://www.create-ireland.ie/ based a hundred yards from that spot) put a small flower garden on the corner a few years back just mere feet away from where that fire is being built now… it’d be a pity if that fire goes ahead.

      1. John Gallen

        Update: That one above is going ahead, to be lit at 8pm… with Garda supervision, who gave me the time.

        ’tis looking bigger now an’ all. Not near the corner garden as the pic above lead me to believe, thankfully :)

      2. Rob

        Hey kids! Instead of lighting that massive bonfire, why not go hang out beside a flower garden instead!

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