22 thoughts on “Your Money’s No Good here

  1. Sancho

    What a fantastic collection of responses/comments. Where are the usual moaners? Must be caught up in traffic in the way back a water charges protest.

  2. offMooof

    He’s right our economy collapsed we’re a zombie nation the banks are lying dead on the floor and the garda are policing austerity.
    The more people realise this the sooner we can dissolve the government and get people with backbones to negotiate with the E.U/ECB/IMF on debt relief. We can’t pay for the bailout it isn’t sustainable there will be debt relief unless Europe wants to officially sacrifice a member state and not hide it behind economic policy. Enda and co love to go on about sacrifices being made he means us. We’re the sacrifce a blood sacrifice to the ECB while enda prays for growth. Primiitve muppet behaviour by a government not capable of understanding the situation. We’re being bled dy of out resources now that money is starting to run out. Sorry lads but there will be no recovery, competeiveness is finally being seen for what it is driving down wages eroding employment rights and running standards of living into the ground.
    The IMF/Merkel pat on the head for being the good child of austerity should have set off alarm bells.

    1. Medium Sized C

      Is there any chance you could repeat that without the garbled two-bit socialist workers party rally speaker soundbites?

      1. paul m

        in short…
        Enda knows nothing john snow.
        trillionaire business managing hairdressers wet dream knows everything.
        guess our government didnt factor in one of the ‘trust the guy with loads of money’ might actually go into detail as to why they dont want to do business in the best little country to do business in.

        1. offMooof

          The only socialism there is the socialis we provided to the banks, I’m an out an out capitalist but it stopped being capitalism overnight in 2008.

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