The Pot/Kettle Conundrum



Earlier, at a meeting of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, Labour TD for Dublin South-Central Eric Byrne asked the Nigerian ambassador to Ireland, Her Excellency Mrs Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu about emigration, youth unemployment, inequality  and the role successive governments have played in corruption.

*collapses in coughing fit*

6 thoughts on “The Pot/Kettle Conundrum

  1. What Goes Up...

    He followed it up by telling her, on the side, that the recent leader of the country was having a little difficulty and did she know of anyone who could look after his winning from the horses.

    All hush hush like, no need to be telling anyone else – but if she was interested herself… then all she needed to do was give her bank account details and the cash would be placed in her possession – because our Irish leaders don’t like having their own bank accounts!

  2. Owen

    He asked a question then over-asked and explained it to the point of being patronising and hypocritical. TDs should have people to turn off the mic for them.

  3. BroadsideSkid

    Was there a Question in there ?

    …. Somewhere ?

    ….. Anyone ?

    Byrne ?

    …… Byrne ?

    ………………. Byrne ?

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